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Vegan Recipes for 2021

Vegan Recipes for 2021Start the year by trying out these new Vegan Recipes for 2021! These vegan recipes were my most recent popular recipes! If you haven’t tried these recipes yet, 2021 is a great year to start!

Vegan Recipes for 2021

Whether your 2021 New Years’ resolution includes Veganuary, meatless Mondays, adopting a more plant-based diet, or just exploring more of what a vegan diet can include, this is for you. This is a list of 21+ vegan recipes to start 2021 the right way. 

 Vegan Breakfast Recipes 2021Vegan Breakfast Recipes

If you’re looking for new vegan breakfast recipes, I’ve got a list of unique vegan breakfast recipe ideas for you!

Carrot Bacon (30 mins + Gluten-Free)

Try this twist on vegan bacon using carrots. It works great in the air fryer and helps you start your day with a crispy serving of vitamins and antioxidants. Get the recipe here!

Quick Vegan Smoked Salmon (20 mins + Gluten-Free)

This easy vegan lox recipe is great for meal prep but still satisfies taste buds served on a bagel with capers and onion. This healthy vegan smoked salmon recipe pairs well with vegan scrambled eggs. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Scrambled Eggs (20 mins + Gluten-Free)

One of the best vegan swaps in my opinion is tofu scramble. This recipe easily creates the look, texture and flavour of scrambled eggs, plus it easily stores and warms which make for great meal prep. Add any veggies you like to give yourself a healthy boost to start the day. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Fried Egg with Yolk (1 hour)

If you’re up for a challenge, this recipe is definitely something you haven’t seen before. Using science and plants, we made a realistic looking and tasting fried egg that contains no eggs. Get the recipe here!

Homemade Everything Bagel Seasoning (under 5 mins + Gluten-Free)

If  “saving money” is one of your goals right now, this recipe is a must. At about 1/10th of the price of a small bottle, you can make countless batches of this world-renowned seasoning mix. It’s perfect on potatoes, avocado toast, scramble and anything else you can get your hands on. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Meat Substitutes 2021Vegan Meat Substitutes

While vegan meat substitutes become more popular as the years go on, I always love homemade versions of meat alternatives. Once you get the hang of it,  these recipes will make you a pro in no time. 

Best Vegan Chicken (1 hour)

This vegan chicken recipe has been one of my best creations yet. Using a mix of 3 popular techniques, this is the best vegan chicken (so far). Use it to make nuggets, salads, sandwiches, and anything else you need vegan chicken for. Get the recipe here!

Vegan KFC Popcorn Chicken (20 mins)

This year KFC started to roll out vegan options on their menus in some countries. We love to see easily accessible vegan alternatives and big companies adding vegan options. If you don’t have access to vegan KFC takeout or you want a healthier option, this homemade vegan popcorn chicken is just as finger-lickin’ good. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Philly Cheesesteak (35 mins + Gluten-Free)

This easy vegan Philly cheesesteak sandwich is an amazing way to sneak in some extra veggies and use mushrooms as a meat replacement. Swap for a gluten-free bun if you choose. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Lobster Rolls (30 mins)

This light and flavourful sandwich is perfect for cooking for the whole family or something easy on a warm day. It’s seasoned like a traditional lobster roll and made using hearts of palm, making it affordable and delicious. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Scallops and Garlic Butter Sauce (30 mins + Gluten-Free)

These showstopper appetizers are perfect to impress a special someone or kick off a special dinner. Made using mushrooms and a garlicky herb sauce, they are always a hit with vegans and non-vegans. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Dinner Recipes 2021Vegan Dinner Recipes

If you’re looking for new vegan dinner recipes, I’ve got a list of unique vegan dinner recipe ideas for you! These popular vegan recipes for 2021 will be perfect for new vegans or just people looking for new recipes to add to their dinner menu at home. These are easy & full of flavour! 

Vegan Meals for One

This outline for a full day of vegan recipes for one is perfect for people just transitioning into a plant-based diet and need a helpful place to start. Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, this plan is a good beginner’s guide. Get the recipes here!

Vegan Spaghetti Algio e Olio (10 mins)

This is the quickest pasta recipe and it is so good and so easy that you’ll find yourself making it again and again. It only uses 8 recipes that you can probably find in your fridge already. Enjoy dinner in a flash. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Creamy Tomato Pasta (40 mins)

This budget-friendly recipe uses primarily dried or canned ingredients to make a flavourful and nutritious pasta recipe that works amazing as leftovers. It’s filling and made from simple vegan ingredients. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Chicken Fried Cauliflower (50 mins)

If you want the crispies fried cauliflower, you need to try this unique technique that uses crushed cereal in the coating. It’s crispy and seasoned and you’ll be glad you opted for homemade instead of spending countless dollars on delivery apps (again). Get the recipe here!

Vegan Walnut Pasta Sauce (15 mins + Gluten-Free)

Can you tell that I love pasta yet? This unique cream sauce recipe uses soaked and blended walnuts and seasonings to create a smooth and rich cream sauce that contains no dairy. It sounds crazy but you’ll be surprised how much you love it. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Side Recipes 2021Vegan Side Recipes

Looking for easy vegan side dishes? Add these simple recipes to your plate of plant-based protein for a perfect pairing. 

Best Hummus Recipe (1 hour 25 mins + Gluten-Free)

This is the smoothest hummus you’ve ever had! Using a few tricks I picked up in Tel Aviv, I compiled the best of the best hummus tips into the smoothest, most flavourful and velvety hummus. It’s a hit every time. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Greek Potatoes (50 mins + Gluten-Free)

These roasted potatoes pair so well with so many things that they make the perfect side to add volume to a vegan meal. They are flavourful and warm and so easy. Get the recipe here!

Oven Roasted Eggplant (1 hour 30 mins + Gluten-Free)

This oven-roasted eggplant is so delicious and healthy with only 4 ingredients. If you’ve always turned your nose up to eggplant, 2021 is the year you start to love it. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Ricotta Cheese (7 mins + Gluten-Free)

Using 6 ingredients, you can make a super quick and versatile vegan ricotta cheese for use in lasagna and other pasta dishes, on toasts and appetizers and other recipes. It’s made from tofu, giving it a light texture with an extra serving of protein. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Snack Recipes 2021Vegan Snack Recipes

Whether you’re looking for vegan snack recipes for yourself or for kids, you’ll enjoy delicious munchies such as vegan pigs in a blanket, or my vegan Doritos popcorn.

Vegan Popcorn (4 mins + Gluten-Free)

At 120 calories per serving, this Doritos flavoured popcorn is perfect for movie nights or boredom munchies. It’s got the cheesy seasoning that you’ll lick off your fingers and it’s satisfyingly crunchy. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Pigs in a Blanket (25 mins)

This crescent roll hack is perfect for an easy snack to have on hand. Serve to the whole family or warm them up for yourself when hunger hits. It’s only 5 ingredients for the simplest wrapped up snack. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Dessert Recipes 2021Vegan Dessert Recipes

If you’re looking for new vegan dessert recipes, here is my most popular vegan dessert recipes for you! Satisfy your sweet tooth with these easy homemade vegan desserts. 

Vegan Biscoff Banana Bread (1 hour)

Surprise your vegan and non-vegan friends with this Biscoff cookie Banana Bread. Lucky for us, Biscoff is vegan and full of deliciousness. Add to classic banana bread for an elevated sweet treat. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookies (18 mins + GF option)

This vegan ginger molasses cookies recipe is my absolute favourite cookies and perfect for 2021! Use gluten-free flour to make gluten-free vegan ginger molasses cookies. Get the recipe here!

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Vegan Recipes for 2021
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Start the year by trying out these 21 Vegan Recipes for 2021! These vegan recipes were my most popular 2020 recipes! If you haven't tried these recipes yet, 2021 is a great year to start! From vegan breakfast recipes to vegan dinner recipes, I'm sharing my recent popular recipes.
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