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Vegan scallops

Vegan Scallops & Lemon Garlic SauceThese vegan scallops are made of king oyster mushrooms marinated with a vegan garlic butter sauce! Marinate ahead of time and cook them up in 10 mins!

A king oyster mushroom stem sliced looks like a scallop, and so all you really need to do is whip up my tasty marinade that the mushrooms can absorb and then fry it to become a vegan scallop! You can serve as an appetizer or add to one of my easy vegan pasta dishes.

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king oyster mushroom scallopsNow, to get the best scallop taste, I highly recommend marinating the sliced mushrooms (aka vegan scallops) in a container the night before you fry them up alongside my quick garlic butter sauce. This allows the scallops to marinate for hours and absorb all the flavours. If you don’t want them too flavourful, you can just marinate for a minimum of 1 hour.

This is an original vegan recipe based on the one in my vegan cookbook that I’ve tweaked a little and is served with this new buttery garlic sauce.Vegan scallops

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If you need a vegan recipe that feels fancy and can be cooked up in just a few minutes, these vegan scallops are a level up! Just prepare them ahead of time, sear them, heat up the lemon garlic sauce and plate them beautifully for a glamourous appetizer or serve with pasta.



Today I’m showing you how to make an easy vegan scallops recipe to impress vegan and non-vegan guests, or just cook them up for yourself for a fabulous dinner for one.

This bite-sized appetizer has a delicate texture similar to a sea scallop and when marinated, they take on a full flavour that welcomes a fresh lemon sauce.


Lemon Butter Sauce


Full recipe down below

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Vegan Scallops & Garlic Butter Sauce
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These vegan scallops are made of king oyster mushrooms with a garlic butter sauce! Marinate & cook for 15 mins for tasty vegan scallops!
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: Vegan, Seafood
Serves: 2-4 servings
Lemon Butter Sauce
  1. With a vegetable brush, remove any dirt or debris from mushrooms and slice off the woody ends and mushrooms caps. Save the caps to use for another recipe like a stirfry.
  2. Slice the stems into 1 inch (2.5 cm) long pieces.
  3. In a large mixing bowl or Tupperware, whisk together hot vegetable broth, white miso, soy sauce or gluten-free tamari, kelp, and olive oil. Whisk until the miso has dissolved in the hot broth.
  4. Add the mushrooms and marinate for 15 mins to 2 hrs. Overnight is preferred.
  5. After your mushrooms have marinated, melt 1 tbsp vegan butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  6. Working in batches, place marinated mushrooms, flat side down, and brown for 6-8 mins on each side. Set aside and keep warm.
  7. You can save time by making the garlic butter sauce in a seperate pan at the same time as frying the mushrooms, or save on dishes by using the same pan once all your mushrooms have cooked and are set aside.
  8. To make the garlic butter sauce, melt 2 tbsp vegan butter in the same skillet.
  9. Add garlic and cook, stirring frequently for 1 minute, or until fragrant.
  10. Stir in the lemon juice; season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  11. Serve mushroom scallops in a bowl or serving dish and pour the garlic butter sauce.
  12. Garnish with parsley.
  13. Enjoy as appetizer or add to a vegan creamy pasta dish
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 serving Calories: 311 Fat: 20g Carbohydrates: 18.5g Sugar: 6.3g Fiber: 3.8g Protein: 12.3g

Edgy Veg Vegan scallops

Hi! I’m Candice aka The Edgy Veg! I veganize popular food recipes for vegans, plant-based diets, eco-conscious eaters & people who are trying to eat more plants over… y’know animals or by-products of animals. I hope you enjoy this tasty vegan recipe!

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  • A-ma-zing. This recipe is just the ticket for anyone with the occasional seafood hankering. But as a recipe anyway on its own it’s super tasty. I’ll be making it again. Forgot to take pictures – they were so tasty they just got eaten too quickly

  • These were outstanding and completely exceeded expectations. I couldn’t believe how well they melted in our mouths! I sliced a few of the pieces a bit wider than 1 inch and those pieces definitely were not as “melty in your mouth” as the ones that were’ 1 inch thick; HOWEVER, the texture of the wider ones reminded us very much of the octopus we ate before we were vegans (I’m still grapply with the fact that I used to eat octopus!). Anyways, THANK YOU for the recipe!

  • MB Colberg says:

    Tried this recipe with fresh mushrooms from the farmers market. The marinade and butter sauce are great. Simple and delicious. Definitely will make this again.

  • Vanessa says:

    Received some king oyster mushrooms from a veggie box and knew I had to try this with them. It was so good and quite simple. I added some vegan fish sauce (from sprouts) instead of the kelp granules because it’s what I had. The garlic sauce is so versatile and I will be using it regularly.

  • These are AWESOME! I’m not a vegan or vegetarian… I just like cooking. And using the King Oyster Mushroom, in this purpose, is wicked-cool!

  • This recipe was amazing, I have left over marinade, can I stick it in the fridge for next time, or only keep it for one batch?

  • What do you do w/ the leftover marinade?

    • You can store it in the fridge for the next batch! Or even try it with different types of mushrooms 🙂

  • Suzanne H says:

    5 stars! This recipe is delicious! I have tried a few other vegan scallop recipes using royal trumpet mushrooms but this one far surpasses any of the other ones I have tried. Truly, the marinade makes all the difference. I sautéd these in a cast-iron skillet so they got a nice sear. I did pat them dry coming out of the marinade so they browned easily. I served them over noodles and spinach. Thanks for the recipe! It’s a keeper.

  • do i put the mushrooms + marinade in the fridge or leave out?

  • Utterly brilliant recipe!
    I must always find recipes for my granddaughter, and daughter in law as they are Vegetarian and Vegan…
    This was a total home run for me as well!
    Well Done!

  • These are unreal!! I can’t believe how real they taste… no harm necessary! 🙂

  • Morgan Yates says:

    The taste was great, but the texture of the mushrooms was horribly spongey and chewy:(

    • These were AMAZING!!! I made them for Christmas dinner and my whole family LOVED them!!!! Would definitely recommend making these. Like any vegan dish, these won’t taste exactly like the actual dish, but it totally makes up for that is different and better ways. I wish I could post a picture! Loved this dish so much!!

  • Jacqueline Robinson says:

    That looks amazing I will be trying. Thank you.

  • Kristen Grubb says:

    Amazing recipe. I scored some of the mushrooms prior to marinating. The scored ones had texture almost identical to scallops. I’ll definitely make again.

  • Made these for dinner, and they were delicious! I started the marinade in the morning, so they were super tender and flavorful by supper time. Thank you for the great recipe!

  • Aunt Jam says:

    So confused – 2 to 4 servings but nutrition info states it is for 1 serving.
    How can I tell exactly what 1 serving is?

    • The nutrition is based on 1/4 of the entire recipe. If nutrition details are important to you, please calculate for yourself on each recipe you make, recipe writers often use apps to get this information but do your own research if it is necessary for your health.

  • WOW!!! You need to make these! My mom is allergic to scallops and I cannot wait to make these for her. The hardest part about this recipe was waiting for the shrooms to marinate.
    Sweet, salty, umami – it’s all there.

    After dinner I marinated the mushroom caps with the leftover sauce. Bonus meal for later in the week! Will definitely be making this again

  • Delicious!

  • Navi Weeratunga says:

    Omg these were amazing!! Thanks so much for the recipe!!

  • Lenora says:

    Amazing! My brother didn’t hear me when I said they were vegan scallops and he legit thought they were real scallops. He was amazed once he found out they were mushrooms. I used Trumpet mushrooms as well as that’s what my local health food store had but next time- and there will be MANY next times, I’ll take a trip to the Asian Market for the king oyster mushrooms. I can’t wait to make these again!

  • Marinated this overnight and fried it up the next day with vegan butter. SO good! Thanks for the recipe! Don’t waste those pan juices. Throw some rice or veg in there after! Will be making these again!

  • Alyson Adam says:

    What do you do with the leftover marinade?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      You can use it to marinade something else (tofu etc) to maybe add to mayo to make an aioli that pairs with any vegan seafood recipe

  • Rachel says:

    This recipe is a culinary achievement. The spicing of the marinade and the sauce is scrumptious. My partner also loved them and described the flavor as complex. I marinaded them for about an hour and thought it was very sufficient. The recipe was not difficult or time consuming and didn’t produce too many dishes. Will definitely be making again. Thank you!!

  • Joanne Lawrence says:

    Girl, these were so. damn. good!!!! I made these for myself and real scallops for the boys, and I have to say, these came out looking 10x better(exactly like your photos, which never happens for me!) and tasting INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for this amazing recipe!!

  • This is my new favorite recipe. I used trumpet mushrooms. This recipe is awesome!!! My carnivorous hubby gave it 9/10 . I am amazed at these scallops , they taste like the real thing. Even better because no one had to die for me to enjoy the scallopy goodness ❤️ I have already made them 3 x in 5 days!!! Yummmmm

  • Currently marinating overnight! Can’t wait to try them and will report back!

    • I marinated for 2 days and holy moley they tasted like scallops! The texture and crunch is unbelievably similar and can’t believe it’s mushrooms. Next time I would use less tamari/soy sauce since marinating over 2 days really absorbed more soy sauce but honestly still 10/10! I used vegan butter but might try a mix of vegan butter and oil like you did in the video to see if it’s even more buttery. We added it to your broccolini pasta recipe and the whole family loved it

      • These were amazing! The ONLY meat that I missed was scallops. Well, NO more😀 I put these on a vegan asparagus risotto. Perfect meal!

  • We made this and put them on top of a lemon angel hair pasta! Was amazing! Thank you!

  • Melanie says:

    I made these today and WOW, they are absolutely delicious! Since being vegan one thing I’ve missed is seafood, and these fill the void. I had to stop eating them so my hubby could have some, lol. Love this recipe, will be making them again (many times) no doubt! Thank you.

  • I made these in a hurry, only 10-15 mins in a marinade of just veggie broth and soy sauce. They still turned out delicious! Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe!

  • I would like to confirm that this recipe makes awesome vegan scallops!
    So tasty, so rich, such silky texture!
    I will definitely be making these again, whenever I can get my hands on these mushrooms.

  • Lauren Cochrum says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m bookmarking this to make over the weekend! I just bought a bunch of super high-quality scallops for the hubby’s birthday (, but I always feel left out of the celebration when I cook seafood for him. I’m really looking forward to this!

  • Samantha says:

    Is there an ingredient that could be substituted for miso? We are a soy free house for allergies 🙂

    • You could substitute the miso for a little bit of nutritional yeast or tamari to give the umami flavour

    • Miso Master makes soy-free, gluten-free miso from garbanzo beans. It’s great!

  • Daniel Smith says:

    I have just marinated my mushrooms! So excited to try it out. While not vegan, I added honey and some ghee to the marinade to try and replicate that sweet buttery profile of scallops. Will keep marinating for 5 hours. Can’t wait for the results!

  • King oysters are very hard to find around here. Is there any other mushroom that could be substituted?

  • made this for my 26 year anniversary tonight. Put “scallops” on top of vegan creamy polenta…it was amazing. Thank you for this lovely recipe. (Yummy)

  • My non-veg partner, who never gives out 10s, rated this an 8.5/10! He said it was suspiciously close to the real thing. I started the marinade before work one morning and we cooked it that evening so ~8hrs of sitting in the broth. I LOVED it and the lemon butter sauce was insanely good. I’m gonna make this whenever I see king oyster mushrooms at the store now.

  • This is one of my favourite recipes from your cookbook and love how different these ones are! The lemon butter sauce is sooo good! You truly make some of the best vegan recipes on the internet! Thanks for this easy vegan recipe

    • Wow thanks so much Jared for the comment and 5-star review! Feel free to share the recipe with all your family and friends 🙂 It truly makes me happy to see others enjoy my plant-based recipes while making a difference on our oceans ❤️

  • OMGosh. Fabulous! Sorry to say they didn’t make it as far as the appetizer stage of our vegan Labor Day cookout. The Hub ate most of them. Terrific recipe. Luckily, we have a wonderful Korean grocery where I can get king oysters. You rock. I’m making your vegan lobster rolls next.

    • YAY! thanks so much Cat for this comment and 5-star review! Makes me so happy to hear they were a hit at your Labor Day cookout! It made me chuckle to hear your hubby ate most of them! I hope they were worth making again! Can’t wait to hear what you think of my lobster roll recipe 🙂

  • I was literally experimenting with king oyster mushrooms the other week! I’m so happy I found this recipe!!

    • I’m so happy you came across my recipe John! Hope you enjoyed my super easy king oyster mushroom scallops 🙂

  • This recipe takes King Oyster Mushrooms to another level.
    Thankyou Edgy Veg


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