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Using popular foods as inspiration, The Edgy Veg recreates childhood cravings for your sophisticated palette and food-nerd obsessions. Love what you eat!


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Tofu Scramble Florentine

| Easy Vegan Breakfasts, Episodes, Hangover Cure, Vegan Recipes | No Comments

In the spirit of rolling Tuscan hills and Italian vacations, I give you the Florentine-Style Herbed Tofu Scramble. I’m gearing up for an adventure to Italy next month and I’m…

recipe for home fries

Diner-Style Home Fries

| Comfort Food, Easy Vegan Breakfasts, Easy Vegan Lunch, Episodes, Hangover Cure, Sides, Vegan Lunch, Vegan Recipes | No Comments

Potatoes are my absolute favourite, but diner-style home fries make me swoon! Call them hash browns, home fries or what have you, these spruced up spuds will cure a mean…

vegan bulletproof coffee recipe

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

| Easy Vegan Breakfasts, Episodes, Hangover Cure, Mylks & Other Liquids, Vegan Recipes | No Comments

It is essential that I have my morning coffee before I do anything else. We’ve all heard it before, “But first, coffee”, or “Need coffee first”. I get it, I…

Where Almonds Come From

Who Put The Almonds in My Shake?

| Blog, Episodes, Juice & Wellness shots, Mylks & Other Liquids, superfood, Tips, Vegan Recipes | No Comments

Almonds are a superfood, packed with healthy fats, protein, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium. They are also super healthy for the heart and are known to reduce the risk of…

vegan Funfetti Waffles recipe

Funfetti Waffles | Vegan Breakfast Recipe

| Comfort Food, Easy Vegan Breakfasts, Easy Vegan Desserts, Episodes, Holiday, Treats, Vegan Recipes | 2 Comments

This recipe is essentially a party on a plate, and one of the more fun recipes I’ve made to date. It has that nostalgic feel of funfetti cake that we…

vegan mushroom cream sauce recipe

Creamy Mushroom Pasta | Vegan Pasta Recipe

| Comfort Food, Easy Vegan Dinners, Easy Vegan Lunch, Episodes, Sauces and Dressings, Vegan Lunch, Vegan Recipes | One Comment

Pasta is one of my default meals that I fall back on when I haven’t got anything else planned up my sleeve. Once you have stocked up your kitchen with…