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My recipes are perfect for those who are vegan, have allergies to animal products or want to eat plant-based meals!


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Kylie Jenner Breakfast

I Made Kylie Jenner’s Breakfast Vegan

| Vegan Recipes | No Comments

Kylie Jenner loves sharing her breakfasts and brunches with her millions of followers. And I love turning celebrity recipes and meals vegan! So naturally, when Kylie Jenner shared her routine…

Vegan Recipes For Veganuary

20+ Vegan Recipes For Veganuary To Try!

| Top Vegan Recipes, Vegan Recipes | One Comment

Try these vegan recipes for Veganuary! I compiled the best unique vegan recipes to try in Veganuary. You can start the new year with the best vegan recipes for breakfast,…

Vegan Red Lentil Soup

Vegan Red Lentil Soup (Easy Instant Pot Recipe)

| Recipes Under 30 Mins, soups, Vegan Recipes | One Comment

This vegan red lentil soup is protein-rich with lentils & hearty veggies cooked in 25 mins! An easy instant pot recipe using red lentils. I know how much you love…

crabless cakes

Crabless Cakes Recipe

| Recipes Under 20 Mins, Vegan Recipes | No Comments

I’m so excited to share this crabless cakes recipe that takes 18 mins & makes 12-14 vegan crab cakes! This recipe actually comes from my good friend Zacchary Bird who…

Vegan Recipes for 2021

21+ Vegan Recipes for 2021

| Top Vegan Recipes, Vegan Recipes | 4 Comments

Start the year by trying out these new Vegan Recipes for 2021! These vegan recipes were my most recent popular recipes! If you haven’t tried these recipes yet, 2021 is…

Vegan schnitzel

Vegan Schnitzel

| Vegan Recipes | 7 Comments

This easy vegan schnitzel recipe uses 14-ingredients and can be made easily for any holiday or dinner. I’ll show you how to make vegan schnitzel using seitan & breading! Schnitzel…


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