Vegan General Tso Chicken General Tso chicken is such a popular dish in Canada. This authentic Taiwanese dish has become a staple in Western culture where you can find it at any local Chinese restaurant, mall, and even school cafeterias. To turn this vegan, all you need is an air-fryer, soy curls

Vegan Chicken Bacon Ranch Tacos Have you ever had FOMO at a bar meet-up because there was no other vegan options available aside from your typical cauliflower chicken or bean tacos? Well, you don’t have to limit your options at the bar anymore because you can bring the party to your house! Thi

Vegan Potato Tacos If you are always on the go and need a quick and nutritious snack to get you through the day, these vegan potato tacos are the easiest Lunchable snacks you can pop into the air fryer to enjoy. These restaurant-quality tacos will absolutely satisfy those cheese and potato cravings

What is a better snack to dip in your favorite vegan milk alternative than an assortment of vegan cookies? I don’t know about you, but vegan cookies are so delicious and effortless because they do not require any dairy use! You can even enjoy some of these recipes without using an oven at all.


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138 Carnivore- Approved Vegan Recipes