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Vegan Recipes For Veganuary

Vegan Recipes For VeganuaryTry these vegan recipes for Veganuary! I compiled the best unique vegan recipes to try in Veganuary. You can start the new year with the best vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Vegan Recipes for Veganuary

Veganuary is an initiative to ask people to try eating vegan recipes for the month of January and challenge themselves to try out a plant-based lifestyle. I know tons of people who tried Veganuary years ago and continue to eat plant-based today. I thought I would create a list of vegan recipes for Veganuary and include some easy beginner meals along with some unique vegan recipes replicating not-so-vegan meals so you can really get a look at what you can make vegan!

Vegan Breakfast Recipes for Veganuary

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Looking for vegan breakfast recipes for Veganuary? Don’t worry, I got you covered! Whether you want a bowl of vegan oatmeal or a vegan brunch, here are some vegan breakfast recipes to try!

Vegan Omelet

We created a vegan omelet that is light and fluffy, holds toppings well, and has the perfect yellow colour that browns slightly in the pan. Your eyes and taste buds will learn that the world of egg-less omelets got a whole lot better. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Full English Breakfast

This vegan breakfast recipe is for a traditional full English breakfast. A substantial meal consisting of vegan bacon, vegan eggs, British vegan sausage, vegan baked beans, fried tomato, fried mushrooms, and fried bread, served with coffee or tea and orange juice. Get the recipe here!

Vegan French Toast

This classic breakfast is even easier to make vegan. Simply add ingredients to a blender and dip and fry your bread for a perfect french toast every time. My favourite thing about this vegan swap is that the batter freezes super well so you can just take it out to thaw the night before to have 5-minute french toast anytime. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Oatmeal

I’ve never been a fan of oatmeal. It doesn’t have an exciting flavour, texture or colour on its own. I figured out the best way to dress up oatmeal and make it the belle of the breakfast ball. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Lunch Recipes for Veganuary

Vegan Lunch Recipes

If you’re looking for new vegan lunch recipes, here are my most popular vegan lunch recipes for you! These could also be recipes for dinner or as a vegan side dish.

Vegan Sushi

When I originally read about turning watermelon into tuna sashimi, I was definitely skeptical. I created my own technique for creating just the right texture and taste for the watermelon and I really surprised myself. Making sushi is definitely a challenge, but if you were thinking of a new skill to learn, making sushi is a good one. Get the recipe here!

Macaroni Salad

This yummy macaroni salad has a creamy, mayo and herb-based dressing, with fresh and pickled veggies and macaroni noodles. This can be served as a side at barbeques, or as meal prep to pack for lunch during the week. Get the recipe here!

Dill Pickle Pizza

I know this sounds crazy. But everyone from dill-pickle die-hard fans to moderate pickle fans will be impressed with the unique and tasty creation. It’s a new way to spice up pizza night. Get the recipe here!

Potato Salad

This German-inspired potato salad has bold mustard and dill flavours and is a great side or easy lunch. It tastes even better after the flavours sit overnight in the fridge. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Dinner Recipes for Veganuary

Vegan Dinner Recipes

Here are delicious vegan dinner recipes that are easy to make for weeknight dinners or dinner ideas to show non-vegans what cool and yummy plant-based meals look like.

Vegan Crunch Wrap Supreme

One of my favourite ways to satisfy my hunger is making classic non-vegan fast food dishes, using vegan and healthier ingredients. Using this recipe, you can get the same flavours and crunch and you won’t even feel like you’re eating healthy. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Chicken Drumsticks

This vegan chicken I created really changed the game. Not only did I develop a vegan chicken that pulls apart the same way chicken does, but I marinated it and added a skin that gets crispy. All using plants. If you haven’t tried this one yet, test it out and let your eyes and tastebuds be deceived. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Lasagna

I created this recipe about a year ago and continued making it as a dinner staple in my house almost once a month, all year long. The meat sauce and bechamel make this lasagna one of the best vegan meals I’ve had. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Fish and Chips

You won’t believe this vegan fish and chips recipe! There was something fishy going on in my kitchen when I took a canned flower that I couldn’t find a purpose for, and I turned it into fried fish. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Side Dish Recipes for Veganuary

Vegan Side Dish Recipes

Looking for easy vegan side dishes? Add these tasty vegan recipes to your dinner plate of plant-based protein for a perfect pairing. 

Vegan Challah Bread

My trip to Tel Aviv was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my life as a traveller. I learned so much from my time in Israel, and one of my biggest inspirations, when I got home, was to make perfect vegan challah. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Brussels Sprouts

This Brussels Sprouts recipe is so good I made it over and over again every time I need an easy vegetable side. They’re crispy and savoury and flavourful. Exactly what you want and rarely receive from these little sprouts. Get the recipe here!

Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes

This recipe will guarantee that you don’t need to give up creamy, smooth mashed potatoes if you skip the dairy products. Using a unique technique, I’ve created the best vegan mashed potatoes that you’ll be using again and again. This recipe pairs well with practically everything. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Dessert Recipes for Veganuary

Vegan Dessert Recipes

If you’re looking for new vegan dessert recipes, here is my most popular vegan dessert recipes for you! Satisfy your sweet tooth with these easy homemade vegan desserts. 

Vegan Dairy Queen Blizzard

One of the best fast-food vegan copycat recipes I’ve developed is the Dairy Queen Blizzards. I became the non-dairy queen. It was so good I made these in two flavours, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup and Strawberry Cheesequake. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookies

This year I finally perfected the recipe for my all time favourite cookie; the great ginger molasses cookie. It tastes just like the non-vegan version and if you freeze the dough balls, you can enjoy oven-fresh cookies all year round. Get the recipe here!

Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

This vegan chocolate cake is foolproof. It’s made using common pantry ingredients and is a classic dessert that everyone will love, without the use of dairy or eggs. Lucky for us, most store-bought frostings are already vegan. It’s a perfect way to reward yourself after your first month as a vegan. Get the recipe here!

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Vegan Recipes For Veganuary
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You got to try these vegan recipes for Veganuary! The month of Veganuary is all about trying new and exciting vegan recipes! I compiled the best unique vegan recipes to try in Veganuary. You can start the new year with the best vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
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Hi! I’m Candice aka The Edgy Veg!  I veganize popular food recipes for vegans, plant-based diets, eco-conscious eaters & people who are trying to eat more plants over… y’know animals or by-products of animals. I hope you enjoy this tasty vegan recipe!

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