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Vegan Father's Day Recipe & Gift Ideas

Vegan Fathers Day RecipesLooking for vegan Father’s Day recipes or vegan father’s Day gift ideas? Don’t worry I got you covered! 

Whether you or your father is vegan, or you’re looking for some fun vegan gift ideas in general, here is a list of my favourite vegan recipes and vegan gift ideas for all dads!

Vegan Father’s Day Recipes

This list of vegan Father’s Day recipes will help you plan simple vegan recipes to make for your Father figure or give you the inspiration to try something new! 

These recipes are loved by my dad and other father figures in my life! Let’s be honest, your dad will love anything as long as you made it with love. Leave a comment letting me know what your dad’s favourite recipe is! Maybe I can veganize it!

vegan lentil sloppy joe recipeLentil Sloppy Joes (1 hour 15 mins)

As a kid, I would visit my dad on the weekend and he would make us sloppy joes and then give us and the neighborhood kids a “who can be the messiest eater” challenge. I don’t know why he thought that was a good idea, I can only imagine what a mess that must have been! Get the recipe here!

vegan brisketVegan BBQ Brisket (1 hour 20 mins)

One skill that every dad seems to have is being a grill master. They are all barbeque professionals. This year, let dad grill up this vegan brisket that’s perfect for sandwiches or paired with classic sides. Get the recipe here!

Guinness BBQ SauceGuinness BBQ Sauce (12 mins)

This one works perfectly as a gift or recipe. If you can’t hang out with your dad on Father’s Day, drop off a jar of this on his porch and he will love it! Get the recipe here!

Vegan Bacon recipeRice Paper Bacon (27 mins)

This is a win with everyone, particularly Dads. If you’re making a low-cholesterol, vegan or just lighter Father’s Day Brunch, consider swapping for rice paper bacon. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Big MacVegan Big Mac (10 mins)

Just by taking a plant-based burger patty with simple ingredients, you can make a quick vegan big mac for dinner that will have you saying “I’m lovin’ it”. Get the recipe here!

BUFFALO CHICKEN DIPVegan Buffalo Chicken Dip (25 mins)

This buffalo chicken dip is packed with bold fiery flavours and is super easy to make. It’s not a competition, but it’s definitely one of the best vegan appetizers out there. Get the recipe here!

Vegan Bounty Bar RecipeVegan Bounty Bars (1 hour)

If your Dad has a sweet tooth, this recipe counts as both a gift and a food item. These are super easy to make, can be frozen to last long, and way better than the processed ones in stores! Get the recipe here!

Vegan Beef Wellington RecipeVegan Beef Wellington (50 mins)

This vegan beef wellington recipe is super easy! I’ll show you how to make vegan wellington that’s delicious using 15 simple ingredients. Get the recipe here!

vegan chili recipePumpkin Chili (35 mins)

I know Father’s Day is in June, but also it’s a well-known fact that Dads love chili, they just do. Get the recipe here!

vegan crepes recipeVegan Crepes (10 mins)

These are perfect to make for a special breakfast for dad! Just blend the ingredients together and let the batter sit in the fridge before cooking! Highly recommend making the batter the night before so it’s ready to make in the morning. You can dress them any way you like! Get the recipe here! (also refer to French Toast and Banana Pancakes

Edgy Veg Air Fryer RecipesVegan Father’s Day Gifts

This list of Vegan Father’s Day gift ideas will help you shop for your dad or father figure in your life, great for Father’s Day! Leave a comment letting me know which gift you’re getting for your dad this Father’s Day!

Some classics that I think every father figure needs to feel like someone who really loves him picked it out! These will impress vegans and non-vegan dads!

Instant Pot or Air Fryer!

An air fryer or Instant Pot would be the greatest father’s day gift! An instant pot is a 9-in-1 cooking device that makes anything from cake to soup to risotto. No matter your dad’s cooking style, he will put this to good use.  Find it here!

A Vegan Cookbook

You can always grab a vegan cookbook like mine which contains 138 carnivore-approved recipes that take vegan cooking to the next level, tips and tricks for eating vegan meals, and more dad jokes than you can count! Say hello to a vegan cookbook your dad — and his tastebuds — will love! Find it here!

Vegan Faux Leather Wallet

Surprise your father with a thoughtful and responsible gift! He’ll surely enjoy a fresh new wallet. Let him know you care for him (and the environment) by giving him a wallet with a rustic design that will definitely become his new wardrobe staple. My favourites are ones made of cork. Find it here!

Cast Iron Grill Pan

If your dad is big on cooking and grilling, he will love this! It adds those perfect grill marks to any vegetable or veggie burger. This gift is especially good for people who don’t have space for a full-sized barbeque. And it’ll last forever. Find it here!

Satin Tie

Silk is one of those sneaky materials that people don’t always know that it isn’t a vegan-friendly product. Satin is an easy alternative that is more affordable and a tie is a perfect Fathers Day gift. Find it here!

Whiskey Glasses and Stones

Everything a whiskey lover wants! Whiskey stones are 100% natural granite and will chill your bourbon without watering it down. Unlike traditional ice, these granite whiskey stones don’t melt – so they can enjoy the full, powerful taste of your preferred scotch. Find it here!

Vegan Father's Day Recipes
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Looking for vegan Father's Day recipes or vegan father's Day gift ideas? Don't worry I got you covered!
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