Date: September 2022

  Basil & Peas Ravioli Are you sick of making the same Ravioli over and over again? Me too! What if I can jazz things up a little for you and completely take out the typical tomato-based ravioli and turn it into an herby-earthy basil & peas recipe instead? This simple and creamy pasta recip

  Butter boards are super hot right now – and everyone is putting their twist on this irresistibly meltable concoction. So I came up with the perfect balance of this sweet, nutty, and earthy flavor with a kick of spice recipe, which might be the best thing you will ever experience in the shor

  Vegan Strawberry Candy Straws I know what you’re thinking, “Candice, haven’t you made enough viral Tiktok Recipes?”. Yes, and you can’t stop me because I am dedicating my life to creating new recipes for the vegan community. Inspired by Ballehurns from Tiktok, I knew

  Vegan Grilled Club Salad Summer is almost over, but that won’t stop me from grilling in my backyard! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely fell in love with my new grill this year and I can’t get enough of creating new recipes I have never tried before. Anything can taste del


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