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The new Beyond Meat burger 3.0 is here and apparently even better than previous versions!

Here at the Edgy Veg, we are Beyond Meat stans. We’ve compared Beyond Meat to its closest competitor, Impossible Foods and did a blind taste test! Now, Beyond is raising the stakes with its newest launch that they’re calling “The Even-Better Beyond Burger”. 

Beyond Meat makes incredible products that are a huge step in the right direction for the future of plant-based eating! I buy the original Beyond Meat ground beef product often, and use it in tons of recipes. This new launch is so exciting to see how they evolve the product on a variety of levels.

In Canada, Beyond Meat is easily accessible and is served at tons of fast-food chains. I can’t wait to taste this new launch, I’m going to break down some of the differences that I’ve seen between the original beyond beef and the new version.

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The official launch video of the new Beyond Meat product listed some pretty big claims that I’m excited to see if they can follow up and put their burger where their mouth is.

Meatier, Juicier, BBQ-ier, non-GMO and sold in a 4-pack. The new burger claims to have a “New Meatier Taste”.

The new Beyond Meat Burger launched in early May 2021, and is travelling to release across the US and other countries to follow soon.

To be able to tell the new version (version 3) of Beyond Meat from the earlier version is the red square on top of the packaging that says “New Meatier Taste”.


Even-Better Beyond Meat

The old and new versions of Beyond Meat burgers are about 300 calories each, about 20g of protein, nearly 400mg of sodium. It has 35% less total and saturated fat than beef burgers


The Beyond Meat burger is strictly non-GMO. This has been the case for all of their products.

Size and Packaging

Package Size

The standard packaging of Beyond Meat ground is 340g. The new version will also come in 4-packs of burgers.


Beyond Meat is certified Vegan, but there is no indication if it is Halal or Kosher. 

Please let me know if you’ve tried the new Beyond Meat burger and what veggie burger is your favourite in the comments and if you’d like to see me review any other vegan products!

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