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Workout Routine for Vegans

Workout Routine for VegansIf you’re looking for a workout routine for vegans, I’m going to share with you my workout routine as a vegan as well as my workout vegan supplements of choice when i workout. For those wondering, I’ve been vegan for 10 years (and have been creating vegan recipes on this website for over 8 years).

Disclaimer: I am not a trained medical professional nor a dietician. I’m simply someone who is sharing my workout routine to help inspire other vegans with their workout routine. Please speak to your healthcare professional before making any changes in your diet and/or lifestyle.

My Personal Workout Routine As A Vegan

“What’s your workout routine as a vegan, Candice?” I get asked this a lot. So, I wanted to share some examples of my workout routines throughout the week as well as exercises I switch up.

I usually try to get in 2 workouts a week during a super busy work week and aim for more depending on the week. Running this website and a small business keeps me incredibly busy but I know how important physical activity is for my mind, body and energy!Pre-workout for Vegans

Pre-workout for Vegans

Most pre-workout powders or supplements aren’t vegan and many use artificial junk. I’ve tested many vegan pre-workout products and I’m going to be honest, they all give my body jitters and anxiety. The only vegan pre-workout product that doesn’t give me jitters and 100% recommend is Herbaland’s pre-workout gummies which are vegan, low-sugar and use natural ingredients (non-GMO & gluten-free too!). They also taste like blue raspberry!

I’ve been using these pre-workout vegan gummies for a while now and love to have them before my 2 workouts a week! These workout gummies are formulated with 500mg of Beta-Alanine, 500mg of L-Citrulline, 35mg of Niacin, 1200mg of caffeine, BCAA and only 1g of sugar.  They give me the right amount of energy and endurance without the shakes and anxiousness.

If you want to try them, use EDGYVEG20 to get 20% off on their website.Workout Routine for Vegans

Workout Routine for Vegans

I’m going to list last week’s workout routine that might help other vegans! Feel free to add some or all of these exercises to your routine. I do switch up things thanks to my trainer Bree! 

I highly recommend you find exercises you like and even watch videos on how to do exercises properly! I personally have a trainer that holds me accountable and motivated, but you don’t have to have a trainer to workout! There are lots of free exercises to do on YouTube! If you want a personal trainer to help you workout virtually, highly recommend my trainer Bree!

Here are this week’s workout routines as a vegan:

Workout Routine #1:

WARMUP: 15-minute Walk (low intensity)

15 x B Stance Bent Over Row (using dumbbell)
15 x Hamstring Curls with Sliders (using bodyweight)
15 x Dumbbell High Rows with Hammer Curls (using dumbbell)
15 x Split Stance Bent Over Row (using dumbbell)

Repeat 4 rounds until tired.

Watch how to do them from my trainer Bree here

Workout Routine #2:

WARMUP: 15-minute Dance (low intensity)

10 x Single-leg Glute Bridge (using Body Weight)
10 x Hamstring Curls with sliders
10 x Lat Pulls with sliders
10 x Kneeling hammer curls (using dumbbells)
Repeat 3 rounds until tired!

Watch how to do them from my trainer Bree here

Workout Routine #3:

HIIT workout (I find a different one on YouTube)

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I have FaceTime sessions with my Trainer where we switch up exercises every week! I like to do HIIT some days and love to rest on weekends, although we often go on long walks with the dogs.

Post-workout for VegansPost-workout for Vegans

Post-workout: I make myself a vegan protein smoothie right away and take my Vegan Electrolyte Gummies from Herbaland (I’m literally obsessed with this Candian company!) and their Protein gummies if I feel like I need more protein that day.

Eating or drinking something right after your workout with carbs and protein will help your muscles recover. I make sure to take consume electrolytes because, through sweat, your body loses both fluid and electrolytes. Electrolytes include minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium, and they have the very important job of keeping a steady balance of water in your system. If you are drinking tons of water, but are still feeling thirsty, you may be low on electrolytes.

Water: I try to drink a gallon of water every single day, I bought myself a HUGE water bottle that measures my water intake (you all loved it when I showed it on Instagram stories!). It encourages me with times and positive sayings and subtly shames me when I see I am behind.

Vitamins: If you’ve been following me on YouTube, you know I personally don’t like taking my vitamins in pill form…and prefer taking them in gummy bears (yes I’m an adult child I know lol). Right now, I take Vegan D3 & B12 as well as Vitamin C and Immune Plus Herbaland gummies to help me meet to get my Vitamin B12 and D3 (because I don’t get enough vitamin D in winter) and also support my immune system during the winter.

I use to have those kid multi-vitamin candies growing up and love that adult vegan multi-vitamin gummies exist!

Vegan Recipes After Workout Routine

If you workout in the morning like I do, I wanted to list vegan recipes I’ve made after working out! If you want to see what I eat in a day, check out my video below!

Breakfast: Protein Bar & Post-Workout Vegan Smoothie

Lunch: Leftovers, Vegan Stirfry or Vegan Soups

Snack: Vegan Popcorn with Dorito Seasoning (obsessed with popcorn)

Dinner: Vegan Pasta, or any vegan dinner recipes I film that week 

Thanks again to Herbaland for always supporting vegan creators like me and making amazing Canadian products. If you want 20% off any gummies, use promo code EDGYVEG20 at checkout 🙂

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