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The Best vegan feta

Best Vegan Feta Cheese | Easy Vegan Substitute for Feta Cheese

One of the toughest things to find is the best vegan replacement for something… especially cheese. When I’m looking for vegan feta cheese, I want it to be a salty, crumbly, creamy, feta cheese. And so I went ahead and created my own! And my goodness, it’s the best vegan feta cheese!The Best vegan feta

This Vegan Feta Cheese recipe is a healthy, easy to make & also affordable. It’s best for vegans, especially those with nut or gluten allergies,  vegetarians or dairy-free eaters.

Always remember the motto friends, (vegan) feta cheese is the better cheese! This recipe was inspired by the vegan feta from a restaurant in Toronto called Virtuous Pie. This feta cheese goes extremely well on my Watermelon Feta Salad or on top of my Mexican Street corn recipe.

Feel free to share & print my recipe below to make your own Best Vegan Feta Cheese! Or you can watch me on YouTube show you how to make it!The Best vegan feta

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Hi, I’m Candice & welcome to The Edgy Veg! Where I veganize popular food recipes for vegans, plant-based diets, eco-conscious eaters & people who are trying to eat more plants over… y’know animals or by-products of animals.

This recipe is part of my 3-Recipe Series on Making Vegan Cheese from TOFU! Check out these other vegan cheese recipes: Vegan Nacho Cheese & Vegan Mozzarella Cheese.

How To Make: The Best Vegan Feta Cheese

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If you want to view or print the recipe card, just scroll down for the full list of ingredients & simple instructions on how to make the Best Vegan Feta Cheese. 

Prep this recipe in 10 minutes and leave to set overnight in the fridge for use all week on potatoes, pizza, greek salad, homemade spanakopita, and anything else your cheesy heart desires.



  1. To start, press your tofu to remove excess water and place it in a blender with nutritional yeast, miso paste, coconut oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and onion powder. Puree until very smooth, scraping down the sides.
  2. It gets quite thick, so you will need to help it along with a damper or wooden spoon. Be patient- this vegan feta will be worth it. Keep blending until it’s a smooth, silky texture. Taste and salt as needed.
  3. Place tofu mixture into a seal-able Tupperware container or bowl. Cover and place in the fridge, allow it to firm up overnight.
  4. Cut into feta-like cubes, or use a spoon to scrape out the feta and top salads, use in spanakopita, or spread on crackers or bread.


  1. Line your bowl or Tupperware with plastic wrap or parchment if you plan on cutting it into feta-like cubes for ease of release.
  2. Add a splash of olive juice for that briny bite (recommended by a reader who makes this recipe regularly).
  3. Add thyme, oregano or other ingredients to make a flavoured or herb vegan cream cheese!
  4. Melt it to make a white cheese sauce for vegan mac & cheese (Tip submitted by a reader!)

Ta-Da! Creamy Vegan Feta Cheese!

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Recipe for The Best Vegan Feta Cheese

4.9 from 40 reviews
Best Vegan Feta Cheese | Easy Vegan Substitute for Feta Cheese
Prep time
Total time
When I'm looking for vegan feta cheese, I want it to be a salty, crumbly, creamy, feta cheese. And so I went ahead and created my own! And my goodness, it's the best vegan feta cheese!
Recipe type: Cheese
Cuisine: Greek
Serves: Roughly 1½ cups
  1. Press your tofu to remove excess liquid and Place tofu, nutritional yeast, miso, coconut oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt and onion powder in a blender. Puree until very smooth, scraping down the sides.
  2. It gets quite thick, so you will need to help it along with a damper or wooden spoon. This may take some time, let it blend.
  3. Taste and salt as needed.
  4. Place tofu mixture into a sealable Tupperware or bowl. Cover and place in the fridge to firm up overnight.
  5. Cut into feta-like cubes, or use a spoon to scrape out the feta and top salads, use in spanakopita, or spread on crackers or bread.
NOTE: line your bowl or Tupperware with plastic wrap or parchment if you plan on cutting it into feta-like cubes for ease of release.


You guys must try the Best Vegan Feta Cheese & let me know what you think! Once you try it, come back and leave me a comment below with your feedback and star rating! If you make this, let me see on social! Tag @edgyveg on your photo & add the hashtag #edgyveg in your caption so I don’t miss it!

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  • Deborah Smith-Holmes says:

    hi – mine didn’t set – I didn’t have coconut oil – do you think that is why? (it made a delicious dip instead)

  • Donna LaFrance says:

    How long will this keep in the fridge?

  • Hi I have a carrot dip recipe that uses feta mixed with Greek yougurt OR sour cream and then whipped…would this recipe be whippable with vegan cream cheese or vegan yogurt? Thanks for any ideas🙂

  • How long will this last in the fridge?

  • This feta is AMAZING!
    Tip: Microwave your tofu for around 50 seconds before using it. If you mix a cold tofu with the coconut oil, it will harden the oil and it will be hard to mix them.

  • Melissa says:

    Mine came out really creamy, even after a night in the fridge… is that normal?
    Maybe I added too much lemon juice or blended too long?
    Tastes great though, so still excited to use it in place of dairy cheeses in recipes! 😍

    • Hi Melissa, interesting, maybe too much of a liquid? Glad you enjoyed it either way!

  • This was really good! Mine came out smooth like hummus, so I’d appreciate any ideas on making it more feta-like in texture. Either way, I’ll keep making it. Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

  • This looks really good, but I can’t seem to find refined coconut oil anywhere. Is there another sort of oil that would be a good substitute?

  • I’m looking for a feta cheese block substitute for a baked feta recipe. Feta is baked 30 minutes with veggies and olive oil. Sounds like this vegan recipe will be too soft for baking?

    • Hi CJ, I think it would be too soft once baked, but you could put it in a bowl and it would likely still be delish!

  • Dale Ann says:

    How long is it going to keep in the fridge?

  • This looks so good! Is there anything I could use instead of coconut oil? My body hates it, unfortunately, but most (good) vegan cheeses seem to have it as an ingredient nowadays.

  • Nisha says:

    thanks for the recipe? two questions:
    how long do you think this will last in the fridge? and miso isn’t really available where I live – are there any good substitutes?

  • Nigel K says:

    This is so good! Went vegan about two months ago and it’s really forced me to start making my own alternatives. Was craving a spinach strawberry salad and knew I needed something to cut through the sweetness and this is perfect. It’s just like a rich feta cheese.

    I was going between three recipes that showed up when I googled “vegan feta cheese” and settled on yours because of the easy ingredients. Really glad I did, definitely a keeper. Thank you!

    • Hi Nigel, thanks for trying my recipe and I’m so glad you liked it! Good luck on your vegan journey!

  • Deanna Latino says:

    Is it really 5 Oz of oil?? Or .5

  • Hey Candice, I love making this recipe, it is by far the best homemade vegan feta for crumbling! But I was wondering if you could offer a measurement for the melted coconut oil in mL as opposed to oz? Thanks!

    • that woudl be 147ml of coconut oil! I hope this helps!

      • Oh my goodness. I’ve been paying $15 for a small jar of marinated feta which I can no longer buy since moving to a small town in the tropics. This looks exactly like what I’ve been missing! I’m just about to make my first batch and I’m so excited! Thank you so much for your recipe!

    • Melissa says:

      Mine’s too creamy to crumble… maybe I added too much lemon juice or blended for too long? Regardless, it’s delicious and I look forward to using it in recipes!

  • Hey Candice, I love making this recipe, but I was wondering if you could offer a measurement for the melted coconut oil in mL as opposed to oz? Thanks!

  • Hey,
    So glad I found you! i am on a mission to eschew animal products, especially cheeses which I adore.
    Just wasn to thank you for your recipes, your amazing personality made watching soooo much fun!
    I have another Vegan teacher who is also sooo fun to watch so now I feel like I can do this.
    Bless you and keep on teaching. you are very good at it.

  • Could I use a regular oil in place of coconut oil?

    • unfortunately no! Other oils does not harden at room temp. Coconut oil is needed to mold the cheese together.

  • Ashleigh says:

    can I use a replacement for the coconut oil?

  • Giuditta says:

    Very excited to try this recipe!! How long will it keep if I store it in the fridge?

  • I’d wonder about maybe adding less coconut oil. That would make it less creamy, but would obviously affect the taste as well.

    • EdgyVeg says:

      unfortunately, you need a generous amount of coconut oil because it helps to hold the ingredients altogether. Hope this helps.

  • Stefanie says:

    I just made this today and omg it is THE BOMB!!!! Love all of your recipes. Happy for your blog/youtube and love your cookbook as well. You are a true legend 🙂

    • EdgyVeg says:

      thank you so much for your kind words! I am super happy you enjoyed it!

  • I am trying to find out if a vegan feta can be used to make these “Feta Cheese Waffles.” The chef just takes a block of real, (dairy) feta cheese and forces the lid of a waffle maker down onto it until it complies. He ends up with crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside feta cheese “waffles.” (They do seem rather flat, but who cares?) Would the vegan feta you make in your recipe work in the same way? I’ve included the link to the dairy Feta Cheese Waffles “recipe.”

  • Hadley says:

    This is BY FAR the best vegan feta I’ve tried, store-bought or otherwise (and I’ve tried many as I looooved feta in my pre-vegan days). It’s definitely more of a creamy feta than crumbly, but even if you’re looking for a crumbly feta replacement, I’d definitely still give this recipe a go. It’s too good not to try.

    I follow the recipe as written and add 1 teaspoon of green olive brine, anything more than that is overpowering. I have a Blendtec and use the twister jar—works like a charm. Thank you so much for this recipe!

  • Sherrie says:

    Can it be frozen?

  • Vivien says:

    How long does your vegan feta keep in the fridge?

  • Could we replace coconut oil with another oil, macadamia or EVOO maybe?

  • Greetings!
    I had made your feta recipe for Xmas, what wasn’t used then, got lost in the refrigerator for about 3 weeks.
    I decided to taste it before throwing it out, and low and behold, it tasted like a sharp cheddar. I used it as a spread on toast, and am now making another batch! Thanks

  • My feta is in the refrigerator I will write another review after it hardens . I only used 4 oz of oil , I made sure it was really liquid because it hardens fast . Reduce de salt by 1/4 tsp with the miso already salty it was perfect for my taste . Now I want to add there isn’t enough acidity for sure . I added all together 4 more lemon juice /apple cider vinegar . Otherwise this isn’t tasting sour enough . I am wondering if we can lower the amount of oil . I used 4 oz instead of 5 ?

  • How kings does it keep in the fridge?

    • I’d say up to one week. You can separate the recipe and keep some in the freezer for later use

  • Is there something I can replace the coconut oil with? I can only get unrefined one.

  • Omg I LOVED this recipe so so so much. I made a batch of this some time ago and I just finished it today. I’ve already bought the ingredients to make a new batch tomorrow. This goes so well with so many things and really just adds so much deliciousness to dishes. I will definitely be making this over and over again. Thank you for the amazing recipe and I highly recommend others to try this out!!!

  • I was looking for a feta recipe and came across this, absolutely loved this cheese it was delicious! I like that you used tofu and simply ingredients it was easier to make than I expected.

  • Hi, could I substitute the coconut oil with coconut oil butter?

  • seriously good

  • How long will this last in the fridge?

  • Gabrielle Rowland says:

    Hi, How long will this last in the fridge please. I need to make it a week before. It will sit unopened.

    • If you need to make it a week ahead I would let it set in the fridge, then freeze, then thaw in the fridge 24 hours before using

  • This vegan feta is an absolutely game changer! Does so much better in the feta pasta dish and the taste is so yummy! Do you have any other dishes it goes well with?

  • This is seriously good. The ingredients list is so simple, I really didn’t expect it to be so delicious! I used olive oil and didn’t press the tofu as I didn’t need to set it. I made it for the tik tok baked tomato and feta pasta, and it was great baked in that recipe and also delicious just spread on crackers.

  • I don’t want cubes, but actually as crumbly as possible, and my blender is on its last legs – how do you think this would go if I just hand-crumbled the tofu and added all the flavorings?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      The blender is needed to emulsify the coconut oil into the tofu mixture. I don’t think it’ll have the same texture if you don’t blend it

  • Longtime fan, fist time commenter. Is the coconut oil 5 fluid ounces? Being from the USA and indoctrinated on imperial units I’m never quit sure if ounces means weight or volume.


    • EdgyVeg says:

      fluid oz!

      • Alyce Quinn says:

        That would have been nice to know before we tried unsuccessfully to blend the ingredients. We had to keep melting and adding oil. Please do others a favor and correct that on the recipe!

  • yamit Ribiere says:

    YES ! YEEEEEES !!! It’s the best vegan feta!!! I replaced the miso with tahini (whole sesame) and I truly recommend it for who doesn’t have miso. Thank you so much!!

  • Michelle says:

    Comments and a question: i’ve been a vegetarian since 1989 and a vegan for the past year or so. I normally freeze and then thaw and then press my already extra firm tofu to get it extra extra firm. The feta was stuff coming out of the container in my vitamix really rebelled but so far it looks great! I can’t wait to use my first attempt at feta cheese in my Greek salad tomorrow. My question is, how did you measure the coconut oil? I wasn’t sure if I should put it on a scale and pour until I reach a weight of 5 ounces, or if I should use a half cup +2 tablespoons so I did the latter.

  • Stacey says:

    I made it to accompany a pasta Greek salad I made for a vegan potluck.
    Everyone thought I bought it, so you know it was a huge hit!
    Love it so much!!!

  • Oh my feta. I used this in the TikTok baked feta pasta recipe and it rocks my world. I did a pasta bake last night with mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes and it turned into a creamy stroganoff type pasta. YUM.

  • Can we replace miso paste? what is its purpose?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      It adds umami flavour, if you skip it you may have less depth of flavour

      • Joann Lakes says:

        Someone said that they found tahini worked as a replacement for the miso. It’s certainly worth trying

  • How about COTTAGE CHEESE recipe with or without nuts. Haven’t found a good one yet!

    • EdgyVeg says:

      Thanks for the request! I’ll see what I can do

    • Malin Pegenius says:

      Ohh i have one!!!
      400 gram firm ofu
      4 dl soygurt
      2 tbsp lemon juice

      Press The tofu for around 2 hours. And place The soyghurt in a Coffee filter for around 2 hours to get out some water.
      Cut the tofu in minicubes so it. Looks like The cottage cheese.
      Mix The lemon juice The thick soyghurt and some salt. Use a spatula to fold in The tofucubes in The soyghurt mix. Carefully. If it is to thick you can add in some water.
      Place in The fridge. Last for a couple of days. Try ut! It is soooo yumie!

  • Hi edgyveg, can I ask what’s the purpose of the yeast?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      Nutritional yeast is different from the types of yeast you’d find in bread recipes. “Nooch” as we sometimes call it, is a vitamin-fortified seasoning that gives umami, almost cheesy flavour. If you leave it out, you will have a milder feta flavour

  • Ever since I made the push to veganify my diet as much as possible, I’ve really struggled with the loss of feta—and how lousy the store-bought versions of a vegan feta are. But this recipe is such a game-changer! Mine ended up a lot softer than normal feta, but still good. I also added in a splash of olive juice for that briny bite. It’s amazing in a Greek salad. Thank you!!

    • Dude, I rely on this so much! I usually just refrigerate in a container and scoop out quenelles for pizza (we couldn’t believe how well it browns and melts, and it’s like my favorite pizzas of yore with fresh ricotta) or spread into tortillas for go-to bean-veg-potato burritos. We were also impressed with how well it works in sealing the burritos without melting out altogether, while not being a starch-containing cheese.
      Last night, I used it in little cubes on a roasted beet salad as part of a special dinner, and for THAT I poured a little brine from some high-quality Spanish olives over, and Greek EVOO.
      All around winner. Oh – I leave out onion powder to keep it more flexible, like for a little spoon on oats, like cream cheese, with berries and stuff.

    • Anna Barbara Dobri says:

      Hey! Thank you for the recipe! My question is, do you know if this cheese is melting while baking it or not?

      • EdgyVeg says:

        It does melt! (works better than store bought for the viral feta pasta)

  • This is delicious, I love it!

  • Hi, how big is your block of tofu? 14oz?

  • Is it possible to store this Vegan Feta longer in a jar submerged in Olive oil stored in the fridge?

    • I haven’t tried keeping it for that long. I would recommend freezing in smaller batches if you need to. This may slightly change the texture

    • I rly wanna make this and I was thinking of storing it in the fridge in a saltwater brine. I’m not sure how that’d affect the texture, but I’ve done this with homemade tofu mozzarella balls with similar ingredients (just less oil and added agar agar to form the balls originally under heat) and I feel like that way might have a better chance of keeping it longer! Mine were good for at least a couple weeks stored that way, though I did use them as quickly as possible just cuz…. homemade vegan mozzarella lmao xD If you tried the olive oil method, let us know!

  • I used this vegan feta in a zucchini cakes recipe and it turned out really delicious! I was very happy with this feta and wanted to use the leftovers in another meal, but it seems it didn’t last enough. After 3 days in the fridge, my feta had a sour smell and taste. Even if it was in a sealed plastic container. I was so sad! I’d like to know how you manage to keep it longer?

  • I’ve tried other vegan feta recipes before and I was always disappointed, but I am so happy I found this one!!! It is honestly amazing how much this tastes like feta! I did it with unrefined coconut oil as that was what was in the cupboard so there was a bit of a coconut taste, but I’m going to make it again with refined coconut oil like you suggest and see if it turns out more neutral!

  • Reminder to folks who don’t do stuff w tofu often: press your tofu beforehand! Also this stuff is the best and I’m currently eating it on chopped up cucumbers w a lil rice vinegar and spicy chili crisp and yes I am so happy.

  • Great recipe. I make with extra firm tofu so don’t even need to press and it allows me to cut the oil to 3.5 ozs, comes out firm enough to crumble. Often I make with firm tofu and no oil and use as a feta spread on tomato toast. It’s awesome.
    I’m going to try with agar agar to see if I can cut the oil altogether!

    • Michele L Harris says:

      Very cool – I was wondering if there was a way to make this without oil. Try posting how it turns out, if you remember to 🙂 I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but plan to – we’ve been eating a lot of vegan pizza lately, and just tried Virtuous Pie yesterday for the first time – amazing food!

  • Can I skip the oil completely or substitute water? It seems like others have had success with vegan butter.

    • EdgyVeg says:

      Coconut oil or vegan butter work well for the texture of this recipe, by using water it may not set as it is supposed to and you may end up with a less solid final product. If you do try this substitution please let me know how it goes!

  • Hi, can I use red miso instead? Do u know what would be the difference?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      The colour may be darker and the miso flavour may be stronger, if substituting with red miso, use less than the recipe calls for.

  • EdgyVeg says:

    It’s definitely important to use refined/deodorized coconut oil to make the taste more mild!

  • Catherine Rivard says:

    I had been buying almost every week a ”greek feta ” tofu sold in Canada for about 12 years, but they stop producing it. I was so disapointed! Your recipe is the closest I’ve tried to this product. I added thyme and origano to the paste to make it even closer.

  • I am just done making this yesterday , I tasted it and it’s an awesome recipe !! I doubled my lemon juice I like my food tart so since it’s feta it has to be a little tarter for me , great texture it’s even good spread on a cracker you can add any king of herb and make it spreadable …i used unrefined coconut oil that’s all I had on hand and it’s still very tasty .. my guess the coconut oil that is listed in your recipe might be more tasteless so it doesn’t taste like coconut but it’s great either way ! Thanks .

  • Amanda says:

    I’ve now made this twice and it’s so good! The first time I pressed my tofu for only an hour and the feta still turned out creamy yet crumbly just like dairy based feta. I used this on top of a cheeseless pizza I ordered (as there was no vegan cheese option) and it made the pizza so much better! Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  • Paula Videla-Rodriguez says:

    OMG, I looooove this recipe! I have made this Vegan Feta 3X times now but since I am a bit of a newbie, it always came out creamy, still delish, instead of crumbly and I couldn’t figure out why…..(had no idea that “pressing” your tofu was a thing! I had to look that up!) Just pressed my tofu for the 1st time and but that baby in the fridge so hoping it comes out crumbly in the morning! Love love the simplicity and affordability of your recipes Candice! Thank you so much! (Still licking the spatula from tonight’s batch!)

  • Josh S. says:

    We’ve missed feta in one of our favorite recipes (Zucchini Ankara) since going vegan about 10 years ago. I made this recipe and it was by far the best vegan feta we’ve found so far! I’ve also put it into Just Egg omelettes for my wife and she says it’s very tasty. I wanted the feta to be very crumbly so I was very aggressive about squeezing out the moisture from the tofu block and I think that made a difference — the texture was just what we wanted. Thank you for this!!

  • Patricia says:

    Do you press your tofu before using it in the recipe?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      Yes, I always press my tofu

      • Lucy Tovar says:

        Wish I would have read your comment before I made this! You didn’t say to press the tofu, so I didn’t and now my feta has been in the fridge overnight and it still has a very creamy texture. 🙁 The flavor is good, but I wanted crumbly feta! At least I’ll know for next time that if I press it the recipe will work better. Thanks!

  • I used vegan butter (Alpro brand) instead of the coconut oil and it turned out great! It wasn’t really feta-like, but more like a spreadable cream cheese. Delicious on toast or a bagel, or as a dip. Thank you, Candace!

  • Hi there, just made with unrefined coco oil as it was all I had. It certainly has a distinct flavour but I was still very happy.
    My main question is how long do you think it will keep in the fridge?

    • EdgyVeg says:

      I’m so glad you’re happy with this recipe! I typically leave it in the fridge for 7-9 days. But it rarely lasts that long in my house, we eat it up quickly.

  • Leigh Anne Hood says:

    So I didn’t have coconut oil, so I subbed in olive oil, and oh boy is this yummy! This is a perfect white chedder sauce. It’s awesome for mac n cheese. It’s soft and creamy. Thank you for posting this recipe.

  • Hello,
    I tried this recipe last night. The taste is great, but my Feta did not firm up as much as I thought it would. It turned out to be more like a soft paste. It has been in the fridge for over 12 hours now.
    Is there anything you think I might have done wrong or anything I could do to fix it?
    Thank you!

    • It could be that you didn’t press your tofu enough, I press mine overnight. Or you may have not put enough coconut oil. Although the way you have it now it should work out to be a good cream cheese!

  • Catherine says:

    I’m a Greek vegan who has been waiting for a feta recipe that hit all the marks for me, and this recipe does exactly that. You can roughly slice it or crumble it and it has the same melt-in-your-mouth feel that I remember from my pre-vegan days. So far I’ve tried using it in 3 recipes and it’s performed well in all of them… and yes, I have been snacking on it straight out of the fridge, too. Thank you EdgyVeg!

  • Hi Candice – this looks great and I can’t wait to try – i’m from the middle-east so and a block of tofu here is 300 grams – is that the right amount for this recipe? also – what will happen if I use unrefined coconut oil? – this is all that is available in my area – will it be very noticable in taste?

    • I believe the block of tofu I used was 350g. If you use unrefined coconut oil you may still have a distinct coconut taste in your feta cheese.

  • K so this was the first vegan cheese I made from your 3 vegan cheese series and WOW! This is so creamy and honestly addictive LOL it’s that good! It’s more creamy than i thought it would be and it spreads so well on crackers and bagels; I’ve been having it all morning this week it’s so good and highly recommend others make this cheese first!

    • Awww thanks Ryan! I love that you test so many of my recipes and love your honest opinion <3

      • I’m allergic to coconut, are there any substituons?

        • EdgyVeg says:

          The coconut oil helps to set the feta texture, unfortunately no other oil sets the same way and you would end up with a different texture

          • Michelle says:

            This is one of the most amazing things I’ve put in my mouth. I didn’t press the tofu and it kind of ended up like a creamy feta dressing. So so delicious! THANK YOU!

        • Michelle says:

          I ran out of coconut oil and used some vegan margarine and it worked, it was just more like dressing than solid feta. Still tasted AMAZING.


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