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Vegan Women Bloggers & Influencers

Vegan Women Bloggers & InfluencersHere is a roundup of vegan women bloggers & influencers to follow! I’ve been wanting to create a blog post highlighting all the kickass women who are vegan bloggers or creators and truly make a change or create an impact in our community.

International Women’s Day is on March 8th and to celebrate, I wanted to highlight some women who work in my industry and add so much to the vegan community. I could probably make an endless list of amazing vegan women, so please be apart of the conversation by commenting other vegan women bloggers & influencers you think people should follow!

Vegan Women Bloggers & Influencers

The goals of International Women’s Day are to:

  • celebrate women’s achievements
  • raise awareness about women’s equality
  • lobby for accelerated gender parity
  • fundraise for female-focused charities

You can learn more about International Women’s Day here!

In no particular order, here is a list of some strong, intelligent, and beautiful people who identify as women in the vegan space! We all know how difficult it can be to be a woman sometimes, and I want to share this list to show how proud I am of these women and celebrate them.

Leave a comment letting me know some women you’re proud of today!

Rose Lee (@cheaplazyvegan)

Rose is one of my ultimate gal pals in the vegan space. She runs a successful website, YouTube channel, Instagram page, podcast and even a Vegan Cafe in Calgary, Canada with her mom.

Sadia Badiei (@pickuplimes)

Sadia is a certified vegan dietician. She shares her knowledge and recipes on her YouTube channel and website where she focuses on uncomplicated vegan recipes that are nutritious, delicious and visually appealing. 

Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown)

Tabitha is a vegan mom who promotes a healthy lifestyle with her humour and gentle voice. She went viral for being one of the kindest people on the internet. 

Joanne Molinaro (@the.korean.vegan)

Joanne is a story-teller with her recipes, she speaks to people using food and personal stories. She is currently writing her debut book, has over 1 million followers on TikTok and she also works as a lawyer in Chicago.

Olivia Biermann (@itslivb)

Liv is a baker, a video maker and a two-time cookbook author. You can find her amazing recipes and other content on her YouTube Channel and website

Jenné Claiborne (@sweetpotatosoul)

Jenné makes beautiful, soulful, healthy food and credits her first interest in cooking to her grandmother, another beautiful woman to celebrate on Women’s Day! Check out her YouTube channel, website and book.

Molly Tranchin (@fashionveggie)

Molly is one of my best friends both on and offline. She creates content every day that supports body love and acceptance, humour and motherhood. 

Nicole Vranjican (@nikkivegan)

Nicole makes delicious vegan food and cohosts The Vegan View where they speak about food, friends, and fashion in the plant-based community. 

Nisha Balsara (@nishabalsara)

On the topic of The Vegan View, Nisha is a food and fashion-focussed woman who is based in LA and is 1/3 of the Vegan View.

Hannah Hagler (@hannahhagler)

The other piece of The Vegan View is Hannah, who graces the world with vegan fashion and beauty and rescue dogs and the most well-maintained curtain bangs the world has seen.

Nisha Vora (@rainbowplantlife)

Nisha makes some of the most vibrant, nutritious, plant-based meals I’ve ever seen (her Red Lentil Curry is to die for). She is a Harvard Law School grad turned chef and author

Afia Amoako (@thecanadianafrican)

Afia makes amazing flavourful and sustainable Ghanaian and other African dishes. Her website is full of vegan recipes that I’ve not seen anywhere else. I consistently look to her when I want to try something new.

Kimberly Renee (@itskimberlyrenee)

Kimberly is an activist for social causes including but not limited to Black Lives Matter, feminism and veganism. She uses her platform to educate her followers on important news and social justice. 

Rhian Hy (@rhian_hy)

Rhian makes the most out of vegan beauty. She showcases makeup, hair, nails, and lifestyle products with vegan flare.

Dominique Williamson (@veganhippiesol)

Dominique is an author and blogger who makes healthy vegan comfort food that you can almost smell through the screen. 

Alexa Soto (@alexafuelednaturally)

Alexa is a dog rescuer, mental health advocate, and vegan food blogger. Her beautiful feed adds positivity to the internet. 

Lucy Parker (@lucy_and_lentils)

Lucy is my travel buddy and she is a sweet and funny person who people are lucky to know. Her photography is some of the best I’ve ever seen, paired with flavourful and unique recipes.

Tedi Sarah (@tedisarah)

Tedi runs a vegan food blog turned lifestyle hub that is full of some amazing inspiration. She rescues dogs and shows some glamorous aspects of life in NYC.

Sunny Subramanian (@veganbeautyreview)

Sunny is one of my close friends who creates tons of vegan DIY beauty, reviews products and shares her life on her Instagram and blog.

Jasmine Briones (@sweetsimplevegan)

Jasmine is a radiant recipe developer who has a huge YouTube following for good reason! She and her dogs are a great way to unwind from a long day.

Yasmeen Lee (@yasmeen_lee)

Yasmeen is an amazing role model for women everywhere! She posts about motherhood, veganism, nutrition, and her expertise as a doula.

Roxy Pope (@sovegan)

Roxy makes extremely simple recipes with very few ingredients but she makes simple taste delicious. Her recipes are amazing for new vegans or people wanting simple plant-based meals.

Jenny Mustard (@jennymustard)

Jenny is a Swedish minimalist who is eco-friendly and promotes fashion based on what you already have and keeping a wardrobe of timeless pieces.

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  • Wonderful post! We are linking to this great post on our website. Keep up the great writing.

  • So many strong and creative women!

  • Lyn Vignola says:

    Thank you for the share!

  • Great List! followed all of them! Celebrate women in the vegan space!

  • Jennifer says:

    So many of my favourites in one place :’)

  • Yvette Harris says:

    I follow them ALL. Thank you!

  • Theresa says:

    Sorry women! I have a real problem with the objectification of women! The picture of their back ends is so demeaning to those of us in the women’s movement who have worked tirelessly for women’s equality! Come on sisters, you are more than beautiful bodies! You are sending the wrong message to all of the vegans out here who are beautiful without posing in a skimpy bathing suit!

  • Jonathan says:

    Thanks for this!! Love how inclusive you guys are!


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