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top 10 vegan recipes of 2018

From vegan dog-friendly cakes and instant pot recipes to vegan In-N-Out Animal Style Fries and creamy vegan pasta. Check out this Top 10 delicious vegan recipes round-up of 2018!

top 10 vegan recipes of 2018The vegan movement was huge in 2018 and for that, I say thank you to all my Edgy Veggies! Even if you’re vegetarian, or increasingly focused on a plant-based diet, just know you are making the lives of animals and the world (not to mention your body) better.

This roundup includes the best of the best from 2018; everything you missed and everything you must try. Every recipe is flavourful and guilt-free, so give them all a try!

1. Vegan Animal Style Fries from In N Out

In-N-Out Burger Animal fries are actually just fries topped with a sauce akin to the infamous Big Mac sauce followed by melted processed cheese and some caramelized onions. So without further ado, here is how to make your own In-N-Out Burger Animal Fries, vegan style!

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Vegan animal style fries recipe

2. Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

This vegan recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight meal with super leftovers for lunches the next day, or to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. A meaty, hearty and easy veggie Shepherd’s Pie; made with a saucy mushroom and ground round stew, filled with corn, peas, and carrots, and topped with fluffy mashed potato.

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veggie Shepherds Pie vegan shepherds pie

3. Vegan Creamy Mushroom Pasta

This creamy vegan mushroom pasta is a dream for all you mushroom lovers out there like me. It’s the perfect quick and easy weeknight meal, but also feels fancy and decadent. It’s seriously the best vegan pasta recipe ever!

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vegan mushroom cream sauce recipe

4. Vegan Indian Dal | Instant Pot Dal 

This super easy Indian Dal is an obvious choice for a quick vegan dinner. This recipe makes the best homemade Dal ever, so authentic without crazy ingredients. It is made in an instant pot, so you only dirty one pot! Bonus! Vegan Indian food at home has never been easier.

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Instant pot Indian Dal vegan

5. Vegan Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

This veggie chicken pot pie is a budget-friendly, meat and dairy-free take on the classic recipe. It is chock full of vegetables like carrots, potatoes and peas, a rich homemade vegan white stew and a flaky puff pastry. This vegan pot pie recipe is perfect for an easy hearty dinner.

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Vegan Chicken Pot Pie RECIPE

6. Vegan Gumbo | Instant Pot Gumbo

This vegan gumbo is packed with okra, vegetables, jackfruit, and sausage. It is cooked the traditional way with a plant-based twist. This hearty, and rich Cajun stew is made with marinated jackfruit “chicken”, spicy veggie sausage and seasoned with black pepper, cayenne, and paprika. It is the best vegan gumbo you’ll ever have!

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vegan gumbo recipe

7. Vegan Mushroom Risotto | Instant Pot Recipe

This is a rich, creamy mushroom risotto made with arborio rice, mixed mushrooms, garlic, vegan parmesan, and parsley. This decadent vegan mushroom risotto tastes like it was cooked the traditional slow and painful way, but it wasn’t! Thanks Instant Pot! It tastes like someone sat there and stirred the rice for 25 mins, but no one actually had to.

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Mushroom Risotto in an instant pot

8. Dog-Friendly Birthday Cake | Grain-free & Vegan Recipe

A yummy carrot, pumpkin and peanut butter birthday cake recipe for your canine friend! This dog birthday cake recipe is gluten-free and vegan and uses only human-grade ingredients like; oat flour, brown rice flour, applesauce, peanut butter, carrots, and pumpkin.

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dog friendly birthday cake

9. Spanish Rice Instant Pot Recipe

This Instant Pot Spanish Rice recipe is a quick and easy delicious side dish made with fresh veggies and vegetable broth. This vegan Spanish rice is a delicious accompaniment to grilled veggies, tofu, sausages and Mexican mains like tacos or enchiladas. This Spanish rice is very similar to the rice you often find served at Tex-Mex and Mexican restaurants. It is easy to make and substitutions are simple if you don’t have the exact ingredients at home.

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Spanish rice instant pot

10. Vegan Dill Sauce | Dill Dip Recipe

This vegan Dill Dipping Sauce only has 7 ingredients and whisks up in seconds. It’s Dairy Free, egg-free and so delicious, that it will become your new go-to dip for everything! It is a guilt-free substitute for traditional dips like ranch, caesar or blue cheese.

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vegan dill dipping sauce

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  • vegan animal fries? Yes, please!

  • Thank you Candice – you are amazing.

    I tried your vegan grazing platter over the holidays and everyone loved it – and I just put it out there.

    Our two little grandsons ( age 4 and 1) could not believe their good fortune at having an entire table filled with food – worked for them !!! and such a relaxing way to share. I also put out a pot of your Pumpkin sage soup – so so delicious.

    One of my fav recipes of all time is your rice paper bacon. I loved “fakin bakin” and tomato sandwiches and I could not believe how good it tasted – I crisp up my “bakin” and bag it and it stays crispy. If others have not tried it – you should.
    I marinade and bake and then cut – too finicky to cut and marinade – it works like a charm. I prep a batch every so often.

    Have an amazing 2019 Candice – and thanks for helping keep us healthy and happy. You are the best.

    xo Wilma

  • Carlene says:

    Great recipes have to try them can’t wait to go shopping

  • Elizabeth says:

    Great recipes!!


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