I Tried The Celery Juice Challenge for 10 Days | Celery Juice Cleanse

By June 11, 2019Lifestyle

From reducing inflammation to overall skin detox, I was curious if doing the Celery Juice challenge would work for me. For 10 days, I drank celery juice every day to see if I would experience any of the supposed “health benefits” from drinking celery.

celery juice challenge | celery juice cleanse

Benefits of Celery Juice (apparently)

  • Better Digestion
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Nervous System Support
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Thyroid Cleansing
  • Healthy Heart

Apparently, you’re supposed to drink the celery juice first thing in the morning and 30 minutes before you eat anything.

But does this cleanse actually work? Check out my video below!

Does Celery Juice Challenge Actually Work?

I filmed my 10-day journey with all the effects I felt or didn’t feel drinking celery juice every day. This challenge was extremely expensive because you have to use organic celery and A LOT of it for celery juice, so watch to see if it’s worth it for you.

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So that’s it! The celery juice challenge in 10 days! Have you ever tried this celery juice cleanse? Leave me a comment! 

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  • Kavin says:

    Great video but definitely needs to be done longer than 10 days. I’m blown away when people do it for a week or even a month and tout all these benefits. I think it takes much longer depending on your overall health. It’s not a quick fix. To those saying it’s too expensive but are then buying their Starbucks every morning, it’s time to prioritize your health. I know it’s priced different everywhere but if it’s $12/day, then you need to move haha. It’s $2/day for organic celery where I live. You’re suppose to drink 16oz/day which one bunch of celery easily produces. Suppose to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and it’s recommended that to get the most benefits, you’re suppose to drink it immediately after juicing. At most, you can juice it 24hrs before but not recommended. Also recommended to use a juicer over a blender as blenders heat up the contents which loses nutrients. Omega juicers are incredible.

    This was a cool video, but seems like many factors were missing with the way you did it. Thanks for putting it together.

    I’m definitely not an AW sheep or believe celery juice is the one cure all, but there definitely is an important routine to follow with this in order to get the benefits, which may or may not work for some. Thanks for all the work you put into this video!

  • natalie says:

    Keep in mind in the book he specifically says not to add anything to the juice, not even a splash of lemon or it changes the healing properties.

  • Angela says:

    I started this from the book “Medical Medium -Liver” as I had issues where the liver is enlarged and sluggish. I did it every morning as follows; 2 stalks of celery, 1 apple, 1 Lemon juiced. I would add ginger, pinch of salt, sometimes vitamin C powder and sometimes Chlorella or spirulina. I used a Ninja chopper, as I wanted to include the fibre as a slurry. I spooned it on an empty stomach. No changes in bowel, weight, or energy perceptible. I went to 2 or 3 mornings per week having other food around noon. I have been doing this for a year now and the change I can see is that I have more energy, stamina, ability to sleep,Yet I am more prone to allergies, more sensitive to mold, fungi etc. I have not lost weight. I maintain a similar lifestyle. So why do I keep doing it? I feel that it gives me better digestion. I do not usually eat much fruit and most of my veggies are cooked, so this is an enzyme input that has to be good overall. I also do not have heartburn now. The organic celery is very expensive where I live, around $5. a bunch. But who needs pesticides? It is worth it to keep going for all these reasons. However it is not the panacea that Medical Medium claims.

    • Ryan N says:

      You didn’t have the panacea that the Medical Medium claims – which is organic celery without anything else added.

  • Amber says:

    Do you not realize you need to do this longer than 10 days, this is no quick fix solution for your health. And the fact that you got sick majorly depends on what else you were eating in the day. The celery juice will help but if you still eat eggs dairy gluten meat products then you’re still feeding the virus and pathogens in the liver causing all of the problems. Celery juice helps with so many things but majorly helps with cleaning out the liver. And like someone said above you need to have celery juice alone on an empty stomach rich when you wake up, even before you brush your teeth and wait 30 minutes until you eat again. As for the price I would say in the long run it’s worth it to put a little more into my health so down the road I don’t have major problems that can become pricy.

  • Read this info about celery juice benefits. I don’t have a juicer and didn’t want the mess. I drink Suja
    organic cold pressed celery juice. The only ingredients in it are celery juice and lemon juice. It is refrigerated at the store and says it must be refrigerated until you drink it. Thoughts?

    • Brenda says:

      If you ever juice fresh celery, you will never drink Suja again. The fresh juice is so much better tasting. Make sure you don’t add the leaves, they make it bitter, may be why Suja is so bitter.

  • Jerry says:

    First of all you are supposed to do it on an empty stomach. Secondly, you need to juice it daily because juicing a lot at one time is not a good idea. It will begin to oxidize and lose its potency if you do not drink it immediately after juicing. Thirdly, one of the best investments you can make in your life is your health. So if you are willing to buy a bottle of boos or a six pack of beer, then it shouldn’t hurt to get a stalk of celery to improve one’s health. Laying the ground work when you are young will reap many benefits as you age. I have been juicing for over 30 years ( mostly celery) way before anybody even heard of Dr. Williams. And let me tell you this is no”hype”. I am 60 years old and I have never had to take any medications for any illnesses. I actually feel like a 30 year old man. And just as active as one. So my advice to you is get on the train before it’s to late (and don’t be lazy) you will thank me for it.

  • Jordan says:

    This was funny. Thanks for making it. I do agree that getting sick is a sign of detox so that’s actually a good thing.
    I did this a little while back and am looking at starting again. I remember after a few days of drinking it I started waking up with more energy and feeling better, like lighter and happier. I stopped drinking coffee while drinking it, because I just didn’t feel like I needed it.
    I did have detox symptoms, but got past them.

    I remember feeling really good about it and only stopped because I went through a breakup and he got the juicer in the split. Lol

    Also, it seemed you liked the taste less and less as the challenge went on… for me, I did not like the taste in the beginning and grew to love it as time went on. It became this taste that I craved and was excIted for in the morning.

  • Yolanda Quimby says:

    I may try this…but what I really want to know is may I have the recipes for the meal you’re having? Looks good and maka me droooool!

  • Ash Koborssi says:

    Hello! I’m on my 6th consistent week of the celery diet and honestly ive had nothing but fantastic results! Obviously, no one is the same, and results will vary, but I’ve found for me it healed my gut health immensely. I was suffering from serious bloating and fatigue and after about 7 consistent days I haven’t been bloated since. It has also helped with weight loss and energy boost, I’ve cut out coffee completely, and I’m down 15 lbs! I know its not for everyone but I definitely wanted to put my results out there, because it was a game-changer for me, and I hope it can help someone else!

    • Jess says:

      So many rules of the celery juice program violated here. Not a fair shake at the challenge. The body removes toxins through the lungs/nose, skin, bladder and bowel. Any “illnesses” in these systems in the first 2 weeks of using celery juice can be directly correlated to the detox itself. She said she thought she was getting sick on day 7 and again on day 9….the symptoms were consistent, not worsening. You aren’t supposed to eat within 20 minutes of consuming the juice. Not supposed to add anything to it. Slow cold press juicing only.

  • Purple Peter says:

    Your getting sick is the detox working, its the toxins being released into your system and being purged. Your supposed to juice the celery right before you drink it, and on an empty belly first thing in the morning , then wait half hour before you ingest anything else.

  • Dvora says:

    Even if you felt no change, you did yourself a lot of good. You drank more liquid: both juice and water. You didn’t drink alcohol. If you had blood chemistries done before and after you. Would have seen that your kidneys and liver benefited from the changes. Your brain did too. Continue drinking more water and doing without alcohol!
    You need to always remove your makeup at night.

  • Angela says:

    I juiced celery for several months and loved it. It made me feel so much better. Digestion and skin was so much better. It was messy and a hassle with my busy schedule. I found a celery juice powder from GOMANA that’s packaged in sticks. One drink per stick. Easy and convenient. One per day. Its less expensive with the same great results.

  • Gin says:

    I’ve been drinking celery juice for over 100 days now and it’s proving to be worth it. You need to commit to doing it strictly on an empty stomach and afterwards waiting about 30 mins before eating or drinking anything. Don’t juice it in advance, the juice slowly oxidizes if not drunk immediately. Clear & glowy skin & digestion improvements were my bonuses after 30 days, among other wonderful things. I suffer from wheat & gluten intolerance, so this celery juice has really helped to heal my gut issues.

  • Tammy says:

    I forgot – yes, that’s organic celery, btw. Note, that there was another brand packaged right next to the one I purchased that was twice as much, so there’s that. Also, I wouldn’t recommend juicing a bunch at once because it loses potency each day, but after seeing your juicer and how much time it took, I can see why you would want to batch juice.

  • Tammy says:

    It’s supposed to be 16 ounces a day on an empty stomach. I’m doing it now on day 4. Organic Celery for one bunch in Colorado (after shopping around) is $1.50 and takes me 5 minutes a day (I also have a juicer with a massive mouth and super duper fast plus easy to clean). Loving it so far, so we will see.

  • Christine Baptista says:

    Organic celery at Whole Foods and Trader joe’s. ~$2/+ per day. Many times when you’re detoxing you will get sick as your body is releasing junk out of your system. I have been trying it but have noticed a few changes. A centrifugal juicer yields less juice. I have a slow masticating juicer, plenty of juice from one $ $2 bunch of celery. I’m not convinced that this thing is a cure-all either but to be fair you admittedly were not doing it correctly for more than half of the time. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach… then wait 30 minutes before you eat some fruit. You’re supposed to cut back on salt and fat in your diet. And eliminate certain foods like soy which you were clearly eating a lot of. I’m not sure that this is a true debunk yet. I’ll let you know when my 30 day juicing is over if my results are different.

  • Sophie says:

    $12/day?! It’s supposed to be one bunch of organic celery… which shouldn’t be more than $4 lol . Personally I had great results after a few days but I don’t do it every day now, just a few times a week. It completely helped the bloating I was dealing with and gives me great energy! But everyone is different. No way celery will be equally healing for everyone. 🙂

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