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Vegan chicken burger recipe

Vegan chicken burger recipe

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I will admit, as a kid I did enjoy a good chicken sandwich. Now, McDonalds wasn’t my first choice in go-to fast food growing up, since they both thought it was garbage; but to my somewhat vegetarian mom, the chicken burger was much better than anything containing beef. So while most kids grew up on tiny beef patties we noshed on McNuggets and chicken burgers with mayo and lettuce. This is still a flavour I very much enjoy. I love breaded protein with mayo and watery lettuce, on a soft bun– I guess it’s nostalgic for me. It’s like those people that grew up eating Kraft Dinner, and now have refined palates, but still receive a guilty satisfaction indulging in boxed cheese madness.

My vegan version of McDonalds McChicken sandwich uses homemade, chicken flavoured seitan, breaded to perfection. A good vegan soft bun is also key, and of course you just NEED to top it with that heavenly McChicken sauce. This indulgent sandwich leaves you full, satisfied, and without that guilty shame that comes along with eating McDonalds. I kid you not, James has even gone so far as to say that it’s his favourite sandwich ever, even better than the meat variety.

Now that’s what I call a dish that’s, Carnivore Approved!

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Vegan McDonalds Series: McChicken Sandwich
Prep time
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Learn how to make a vegetarian and vegan McChicken Sandwich (McDonald's copycat).
Recipe type: Fast Food
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
McChicken Burger patty
McChicken Sauce
McChicken Burger patty
  1. In a mixing bowl, mix together wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, onion powder, salt and poultry seasoning.
  2. In a larger bowl, combine broth and tahini and whisk until smooth.
  3. Mix the dry ingredients with the wet and stir until well combined.
  4. Knead the dough until it is elastic but not dry. Sprinkle some additional gluten flour if you find you have made your dough too sticky.
  5. Divide the dough into small little burgers. Keep in mind they will grow to about twice their size, so make then smaller then you would normally.Place in casserole dish, covering them with vegetable broth.
  6. Cook burgers in broth and onions for 1 hour at 350 degrees, flipping at 45 minutes.
  1. Place egg replacer in a small, shallow bowl.
  2. Combine the flour, tempura salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder in a large zip lock bag.
  3. Coat each “filet” with the flour mixture by shaking in the zip lock bag.
  4. Remove and dredge each filet in the egg mixture, coating well. Then return each filet to the flour/seasoning mixture. Shake to coat. Put filets in the freezer for half an hour. Cover and refrigerate remaining “egg” mixture.
  5. After freezing, repeat the “coating” process.
  6. Deep fry in a large pot of oil at 375° for 10-12 minutes or until light brown and crispy.
McChicken Sauce
  1. Stir together well, refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
Building your McChicken
  1. As the chicken is frying, toast the buns on one side only.
  2. On the crown side of the bun, apply 1 tablespoon of McChicken sauce mixture, followed by ¼ cup chopped iceberg lettuce. Then top with the cooked patty, and the heel of the bun.

vegetarian mcchicken sandwich


edgy veg mcchicken



vegetarian mcchicken recipe

Vegan McChicken Sandwich recipe

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  • Laura Brown says:

    What do you use for egg replacer? Can I use flax egg or is there something better?

    Also, the post freeze re-coat – is that dry-wet-dry all over again? Or just 1 of them? How important is this step – I used up all my coating and dredging in the first round.

    thank you – cant wait to try (they are currently in the freezer)

    • EdgyVeg says:

      I like to use a store-bought egg replacer like Vegg or the Eggless Egg dip in my cookbook, but flax-egg should work in a pinch

  • Not going to lie. This took way too much time for something that doesn’t taste all that good.

  • I am going to use this “chicken” recipe to try to make a vegetarian dupe for the Burger King chicken sandwich. Thank you!

  • Hi! Just confused as to how much broth should be combined with the VWG? 2-3 cups (as per the ingredients list) seems like it would make it way too moist?

  • Selena Salvidge says:

    Would these be suitable to freeze and what would you recommend the cooking time to be. Also I wondered whether you could bake them if they had been frozen. Thanks!

  • Monica says:

    I would like a video of you making the seitan chicken. I’ve never done it and would like to watch it before commiting to it.

  • How well do these freeze?

  • Are there any replacements for the vital wheat gluten ?

  • Hey, just making this now, and the recipe for the breading is asking for pepper, salt, etc, and it’s not listed in the ingredients. Is it what’s listed under the sauce? In that case, what are the sauce ingredients? Thanks! Looking forward to thiiiis!

  • Jennifer says:

    CANDACE!!! WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE TAHINI???!!! ????????????????

  • Taylor says:

    I was wondering if I could use vegan “eggs” like the ones from Follow Your Heart instead of the egg replacer?

  • I’m super pumped to make this! But I’m fairly certain the McChickin sauce ingredients are not right. And I noticed in the video you only say to use onion powder and mayo. Which is the best way to make it?

  • This looks delicious!
    But I was wondering, if the tempura mix is really supposed to go into the sauce and not the batter?
    Maybe it’s for the taste?
    Totally gonna try it soon, thanks for sharing!

    • EdgyVeg says:

      The tempura is for the breading, not the sauce. I think there was a coding issue on the recipe plugin because, I see under the breading section now. Let me know how the recipe works out for you! 🙂

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