Vegan Cake Pop Recipe

vegan CakePops

It’s true, food is better on a stick, corn dogs, Popsicle, kabobs… and Cake Pops! Cake pops are the stylish way to eat cake as an adult; no fork needed. Thanks to Bakerella, these delicious tiny treats are now part of our mainstream dessert culture.

Whether you decide to make homemade cakes and icing, or you are more of a visit the health food store and mutate the ready to eat aisle; you can customize these tiny vegan cakes to whatever holiday, event or occasion you wish.  Depending on the route you decide to take , this process may be time consuming; so I have created the quick and easy way to wow your loved ones with this how to make easy cake pops video.

Perfect for a evening out with the girls, or an afternoon in at a baby shower, these customizable cake pops are easy to make, and fun to eat. Just stick them onto a cake pop stand and you’re ready to go! Vegan desserts for the win!

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Vegan Cake Pop Recipe
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Perfect for a evening out with the girls, or an afternoon in at a baby shower, these customizable cake pops are easy to make, and fun to eat. Just stick them onto a cake pop stand and you’re ready to go! Veggie cake pops for the win!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 15
Vegan Icing
  • 1 cup vegan butter or shortening ( I like Earth Balance)
  • 3 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
Vegan Icing
  1. Cream together shortening and vanilla extract until combined.
  2. Add sugar 1 cup at a time until icing resembles a thick paste.
Vegan Cake
  1. Either make your favorite cake from scratch, or buy a pre-made cake mix like I did! I love Bobs Red Mill organic gluten free cake mix, I just follow the instructions and use egg replacer and almond milk! If you need a vegan baking cheat sheet check mine out here.
Cake Pops
  1. When your cake is ready, take it out of the oven and crumble it into a bowl, or use a potato masher and mash the crap out of your cake (in your bowl).
  2. Stir in your vegan frosting, a little at a time. Once your cake and icing cling together when you roll it in a ball, you’re ready to go. Stick this mixture in the fridge for about 15 minutes.
  3. After the dough is a bit stiff, roll out your balls of cake! you want them to be about an inch and a ¼ thick. Roll them out and place them on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, and refrigerate again.
  4. Melt your favourite vegan chocolate chips, or bar of raw chocolate in a double boiler. Using lollipop sticks or kabob sticks, dip them slightly in the melted chocolate before inserting them half way into each chilled cake ball.
  5. Dip your cake balls into the melted chocolate and make sure they are coated evenly with sweet vegan goodness. Place them onto a cake pop stand or styrofoam to let them begin to harden.
  6. You can decorate them anyway you wish! I like to keep it simple and sprinkle them with Himalayan Rock Salt or dip them in a bath of shredded coconut. But the decor ideas are endless; make them into little animals, fun colours, or even a penis shaped bachelorlette treat!


chocolate cake pops
Vegan cake pops
Want to make your own cake pop stand? Check out this simple DIY tutorial!
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  • Laura Yagelski says:

    Would love to make these. Can’t find vegan candy coating for dipping the cake pops. May I ask what you used?

  • Crystal says:

    Crazy oily. I added only half of the butter/sugar mixture and now my cake +butter is as if i never cooked it. It’s gooey and beyond oily. I put in fridge as instructed but it didn’t firm. So i put in the freezer but the oil is literally SITTING on top of the mashed cake concoction! I used krusteaz cake mix and earth balance butter with organic powdered sugar. Never again will i use this recipe. Too expensive of a disaster! 😭

  • Ryan says:

    Loved these!

  • SB says:

    do these need to stay refrigerated?

  • Jameson says:

    These rule!

  • Lauren says:

    Really cute video and thanks for all the great tips. I’m making a modified, adult version of the cake pop by adding chocolate stout beer to the cake mix and chocolate coating! The salt addition will be a nice touch.

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