Cheat Sheet: Vegan Baking

By May 9, 2012Vegan Recipes

Baking scares most people. Mainly because if you’re like me, you hate measuring anything! Usually when I cook I use unconventional measurements like a handful of… Or a pinch of… Or a shot glass full…

When it comes to baking it’s all a science. Chemical reactions need to happen in order for your treat to turn out correctly; therefore my darling, you must measure. It is this general knowledge that turns most people off of vegan baking. They think, “If regular baking is hard, then vegan baking must be impossible!” FALSE, nothing is impossible…

So, because I believe that baked goods are a food group, and the key to happiness, I have made an easy cheat sheet for all you aspiring vegan bakers out there.


To replace milk, substitute a non-dairy milk in a one-for-one ratio. I really like the mild flavour of natural almond milk but you can use soy milk, rice milk, or oat milk as well. There are many types and brands out there so experiment until you find the one that fits your desire for texture and mouth feel. <—– diiiiirty


If your recipe calls for 3 eggs or less, I recommend using flax eggs. Yes, you can make eggs out of flax! This gooey dollop of fun mimics eggs perfectly, are super easy to make, and is really good for you! 1 Tbsp of flax egg = 1 normal egg.

To make flax eggs just grind 1/3 Cup flax seeds in a high speed blender ( or buy preground) and slowly mix with 1 Cup water until the mixture becomes gooey. This makes 6 flax eggs.


STEP AWAY FROM THE MARGARINE! Hydrogenation = cellulite ass!! Instead, go for a non-hydrogenated butter substitute. I love Earth Balance. It tastes just like butter, and you can even get shortening, and flavoured butter!


Most people assume that they can just switch to extra-virgin olive oil, but this is not the case as olives are not very tasty in baked goods. So instead, use organic coconut oil. It works beautifully for nearly all vegan baking needs when an oil or butter is needed. Plus, it’s good for you.


To substitute buttermilk in your vegan baking, mix 1 Cup of your favorite non-dairy milk with 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, and let sit for 5-10 minutes.


I’ve been on the hunt for a cream substitute for years but nothing really made me jump for joy. Silk’s Original Flavor Soy Creamer does the trick, but is very processed so use it in small amounts.


No one likes bonechar! I recommend a mixture of 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour and 1/2 unbleached white flour to replace traditional white flour. I don’t like to use whole wheat flour in cakes, brownies or cookies; because of its high protein content it creates very dense treats.


Over half of the cane refineries in the United States use bone char (charcoal made from animal bones) in their filtering process. I prefer to stay away from ground up bones, so I like to use unbleached cane sugar or dehydrated cane juice, both of which are available in natural food stores. These products can replace white sugar measure for measure, so 1 Cup regular sugar can be replaced by 1 Cup cane sugar. These products are typically darker in color, ranging from light amber to rich brown but they taste just as good!!! Please do keep in mind that sugar is sugar…

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