Jacked Up Oatmeal Cups
Prep time
Total time
Jack up those ordinary just-add-water oatmeal to-go cups for when you’re in a hurry or on the go. Add protein and flavour with nuts, seeds and fried fruit. We're going to jack-up that oatmeal to-go and make it taste like hours of work, instead of just a couple mins!
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: healthy
Serves: Serves 1
  1. Place all desired toppings into a small container, and almond milk into a small jar.
  2. When you get hungry simply add hot water to the oatmeal to-go cup, cover and let sit for 3 mins. After 3 mins give it a stir and top with toppings of choice and almond milk.
  3. Enjoy.
Recipe by The Edgy Veg at https://www.theedgyveg.com/2018/03/21/jack-oatmeal-go-cups/