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30 day fitness challenge

We are so excited to announce the launch of our partnership with the first Greco Lean & Fit studio in Toronto! Last October I noticed that over the course of two years, I had become a frantic basket case of stress that no one enjoyed being around. At the time I was working a high stress, high demand agency job, while trying to create and produce YouTube videos, blogs, stay up to date on my many social channels, create and test recipes, be an attentive spouse, keep a clean and functioning home, and keep my family happy. It was a nightmare. I was over-worked, lacked sleep and a healthy diet, and was very grumpy, and completely burnt out my adrenals. It was time for a change.

Since then I have left my agency job and decided to pursue The Edgy Veg full time. While I am still stressed out and lack sleep, I am managing to keep a clean and functioning home, have a bit of a social life again, and make my own hours. After almost a year, I am finally feeling comfortable working in my home office, with a routine, on my terms; and it’s great!

The one side effect of running my own business, being really busy, and not having to ever leave my home—is my lack of movement and exercise. James and I spend so much time worrying and working on The Edgy Veg that we forget that we also need to take care of ourselves. In a year, I have managed to gain 10lbs, and develop what I like to call a “soft squishy body”. James has done the same. We both lack the motivation on our own to really commit to ensuring that we are active daily, and working out 3 times a week at minimum.

So, we decided it was time to show each other how much we care about our partner’s health and wellness by being their motivator. I mean, that’s the role of a life partner isn’t it? You want them to motivate you to be your best self; and that includes making sure that they get off their butts and hit their goals both in their career, personally, and physically!

Over the next 3 months we will be working with Greco owner Amy Secor, and trainer Jesse Taylor to help us both regain that balance we are missing in our lives, and to help us both reach our personal fitness and wellness goals.

 the edgy veg fitness goalsCandice’s Goals: As a young thing I used to average at  115-120lbs.  Due to my lack of sleep, sporadic eating patterns and 12-14 hour work days, I’ve gained roughly 10 lbs. and have developed a soft, squishy body that I don’t feel comfortable in. I would love to tighten and tone my butt, thighs and arms specifically, but also gain some strength. If I had to describe my goal in one sentence—I want to be able to open pickle jars all on my own 😉

Candice’s Starting Stats

Date: June 6th

Weight: 130.6

Height: 5’7 1/2

Body Fat %: 16.2

30 day fitness challengeJames’ Goals: “The funny thing about aging is that your body starts to rebel turn against you. I used to be able to eat what I wanted, when I wanted, but after my 30th birthday that luxury started to fade– and it’s getting worse year after year. Over the last 2 years I have managed to gain 20lbs, and for some reason it loves to hang out around my tummy area. After trying to run 5k twice a week, and sporadic casual workouts in order to help me with my new found jiggle without success– I knew it was time to consult the professionals. If I had to describe my goal in one sentence: I would like to look at my toes without my belly smiling back at me.

James Starting Stats

Date: June 6th

Weight: 197.2

Height: 6′

Body Fat %: 21.8

So what is Greco? Greco Lean & Fit is a beautiful boutique fitness facility that specializes in Lean & Fit group classes as well as personal training. Their programs encompass intense circuit training, which offer the best workout in the shortest period of time. So if you’re like the both of us, and live fast a paced life, the structured class is the perfect fit for your busy schedule.

When we first joined Greco, James and I attended a comprehensive consult and nutrition meeting with our trainer Jesse. We were also shown around the beautiful studio, that includes full change rooms and showers, a ping pong table for pre-class warm up, and a lovely smoothie bar with tables and chairs, so you can grab a post-workout vegan smoothie and chill with your sweaty pals. I recommend the peanut butter, and strawberry smoothies—they are heaven.

We told Jesse about our goals, and he advised us on what to eat, when to eat and how to combine our food groups to give us the most energy for fat burning without losing valuable muscle. He also told me to stop eating chocolate, ice cream, and cereal late at night before bed-dammit. Don’t worry, I went home and ate all the ice cream left in our freezer so I wouldn’t be tempted later on in the week. hehe…

Jesse recommended the Lean & Fit program, 3 times a week for us both. This program designed by founder Tony Greco, is designed to get you in the best shape of your life, by combining high intensity circuit training, resistance training, and body fat composition analysis tests. The classes are extremely motivating with plenty of coaching and encouragement from the instructors, but also super fun!

It is only a 45 minute class (totally my style) that consists of a 8- 45 second circuit training stations that you do 3 times, with bonus exercises in between each round. I will admit, it is intense and you really have to push yourself, but because it’s a different circuit each time, and for only 45 seconds, you don’t get a chance to get bored! Plus it keeps your body guessing, which leads to weight loss along with muscle growth.

Take it from me, I have always hated working out, and after my first 2 weeks, I am hooked! I hate waking up at 6am 3 times a week, but because it’s new every class, and the music is so upbeat, and the trainers so motivating—I find myself not only doing something great for my physical body, but also my mental state. After only 2 weeks, I am finding myself to be more productive during the day, I am sleeping earlier and better every night, and I am able to handle stress more effectively!


James and I are helping to motivate each other, but we also want to motivate you! Come work out with us!! Greco is giving any member of The Edgy Veg community 1 month free of charge upon signing up for a 1-year membership ($139 per month, reg $169). Or, if 1 year is too much of a commitment, you can try out the 10-week program at a discounted rate of $299 (reg $499). We workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 7 am, and we would LOVE to see our Toronto veg squad there! Follow our Greco progress on Snapchat & Instagram for serious laughs and not so serious food inspiration!

XO Candice


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