Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar Part 2 (Beauty)

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uses for apple cider vinegar

The other day I posted part 1 of this series; the Health Benefits of using Apple cider vinegar on a daily basis and various remedies to try at home. ACV is very helpful in preventing colds, but can also be used as an effective and inexpensive beauty product!  Read that article here.

Just remember, like every other product out there, ACV also has an over-produced, harmful variety. In order to get the benefits of ACV you need to use raw organic ACV, with “mother”.

So next time you find yourself in a beauty breakdown, you have ACV to help you through it! See these inexpensive, easy to use tips and tricks below.

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The Problem: Acne

The Cure: Mix 1 tbsp vinegar to 3 tbsp water. Apply this directly to your skin with a cotton pad, and leave on for roughly 10 minutes, and rinse. Pat dry.

For tougher acne: Leave on overnight without rinsing.

ACV balances skin’s pH level, kills bacteria and absorbs excessive oil from our skin, making it an effective treatment.

Deep- Pore Treatment

In a small jar add ¼ cup of ACV and ¼ cup bentonite clay with 1 tbsp xylitol. Mix well, and shake until well combined. Apply mask to skin, and leave on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Pat dry and moisturize. Do this treatment once or twice a week to prevent breakouts, regulate your skins PH and minimize appearance of large pores.

Clean your Make-up Brushes

I have never bought any of those brush cleaners you find at the drugstore or make up counter. I always used things I had around the house that I knew would work well. After many experiments I would say this one is my favourite.

Mix together 2 tbsp of ACV with 1 tsp dish soap in a glass-measuring cup. Fill the rest of the measuring cup (2cups) with hot water.

Place your brushes in the mixture and allow them to soak for roughly 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse each brush well with cold water.

Lay makeup brushes on a couple layers of paper towel and allow them to air dry overnight.

The Problem: Stained or yellow teeth

The vinegar helps remove stains, whiten teeth, and kill any bacteria harming your mouth or gums.

The Cure: Gargle with apple cider vinegar in the morning. Brush as usual after you gargle.

uses for ACV

Balancing Hair Rinse

Acetic acid, the main ingredient in ACV, will remove build up from styling products and conditioners and strengthen the hair shaft, leaving you with soft, shiny strands. It will also balance hair’s pH level, simulate the scalp to promote hair growth, and is a cure for dandruff. Dilute 1/3 cup ACV in 4 cups of water and pour over your hair after shampooing. Leave it in for a few seconds before rinse your hair using cold water to seal the hair shaft and create more shine.

The Problem: Sun Burn

The Cure: Relieve the pain from sunburnt skin, minimize peeling by applying a wash cloth soaked in ACV to the area. Leave on skin for a minimum of 5 minutes, or longer.

Detoxifying Bath Soak

Help your body detox once a week, by adding 1oz of apple cider vinegar to your bath water. The ACV draws out toxins from the body naturally. In the morning dry brush before your shower for further detoxification.

The Problem: Varicose veins

ACV helps to improve circulation in the vein wall and can help to ease any bulging or swelling in the vein. Making it less noticeable and helps with the associated pain.

The Cure: Combine equal parts ACV and coconut oil or your lotion. Apply both in the morning and before bed to varicose veins in a circular motion, really working it into the skin. Do this every day for 30  days, you should begin to see improvements, depending on the severity of your situation.

Skin Toner

Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and rub on your T-zone or other dry spots to prevent breakouts and minimize blemishes. I like to pour some (using a small funnel) into a small jar with an eye dropper lid, and keep it in the bathroom or use for travelling.

Nightly Deodorant Treatment

Commercial deodorants are terrible for you, especially as a woman. These products block your ability to sweat, which means that you are blocking your ability to detoxify naturally. Sweating allows us to rid our bodies of toxins through our skin—it’s a good thing!  ACV absorbs and neutralizes odors.

Simply rub a bit of ACV on your clean underarms before bed (allow to dry before actually getting IN your bed). ACV will absorb and neutralize odors and the vinegary smell will disappear once it has dried. Need more coverage while at the gym or on a hot day? In the morning apply your favourite natural deodorant.

The Problem: Warts

The Cure: Place an ACV soaked cotton pad on the effected area, and secure with a bandage or tape. Leave on overnight and remove in the morning. Try this method every day for 7 days.

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