The Yoga Mat Thief

By October 2, 2013Lifestyle

moksha danforth


There are only 5 days left of our 14 day challenge and the gloves have come off! Last night I took T to a Korn concert, fed him many beers, watched him get silly, and then turned the time on his clock ahead by one hour. I’m going to be honest when I say, I was pretty happy with myself and the epic sabotage I staged. Until, I woke up for work at 6am and couldn’t find my yoga mat, towel or any of my yoga clothes.

I searched my entire apartment grabbed a pair of running shorts and a tech top and ran out the door for work. That was when I realized T had hidden them. I started laughing on the streetcar, “well played sir,” I thought to myself. He plays the game as well as I do.

korn in toronto


Luckily, a little obstacle like hidden gear won’t stop me from going to yoga. I simply wore my running stuff and rented a mat and towel for $4. <— Come to think of it, I could have bought half a glass of wine with that. Mmmmm wine…. Shit, now I want some.

Anywhoo, after 9 days of yoga I have to say that I am feeling more alive than I was 2 weeks ago. I know it sounds cliché but my mind is so calm. It is almost as if I have sorted through a huge pile of files on my desk (which I also have to do…) and everything is in it’s right place. Let’s see what happens over the next few days!


xo Candice

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