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By September 29, 2013Lifestyle

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Oh heck yes! Take THAT T-bones! Do you know what that symbol on Yelp means?! That symbol means that I get MAD extra yoga points for our 14 day challenge! This is totally deserved, since SOMEONE told me that they would pick me up and take me to yoga with them, and then didn’t show up! If it’s sabotage you want, that is exactly what you will get!

The weekend was a busy one, which is why yoga didn’t really happen the last couple days. Friday and saturday are my weekend, which means I worked on the Youtube Channel and got my hair done on Friday; and filmed all saturday.

BUT I didn’t film an Edgy Veg show this weekend… NOPE. I filmed a video for ANDYMEDIA, and the video will drop at some point this week. You can check out ANDYMEDIA here. It was a great experience because I actually got to act! Now I don’t go around calling myself an actress, because I really think that  am quite terrible at it; but, this was fun. It was a really fun character and the script was pretty funny as well. It went well and I got to wear a  super pretty dress and do my hair all fancy-like.

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So that is why yoga couldn’t yoga happen this weekend. BUT don’t worry, I am still winning and I will be at yoga every day this week. The folks at MOKSHA DANFORTH have been amazing. They are putting up with all the weirdo pictures T and I have been taking, and of course the twitter harassment. — What can I say? I love twitter!!!

Who will reign supreme this week?! Don’t forget to check out the score card!


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