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By September 26, 2013Lifestyle

candice hutchings
It’s day three of our yoga challenge! I haven’t heard from T, but I haven’t gone to yoga today. I am feeling a bit under the weather and my body was CRYING for a break from everything except my lap top and hot vegan cocoa. Ladies, when I describe my evening as being filled with a hot water bottle, tea and until I drown in my own tears; you will know exactly what I am experiencing today. Gentleman, you’ll never understand.

Follow along during the next few weeks by checking in on the blog! I will updating daily ( hopefully) and will post lots of the funny shit T says during the next 2 weeks, as well as hilarious pics and silly stories. You can also check in on the score here!

Does else feel chronically dehydrated after doing many hot yoga classes in a row?! I feel like there is not enough coconut water, or regular water in the world to quench my thirst! I think I’ve drank 7L each day to make up for the 7L of sweat I expel each class. Also I think I sweat off my Burning Man tan…

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