We crushed yoga but someone smashed our window…

By September 25, 2013Lifestyle

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Yoga has a way of making you feel energized and refreshed. I had a pretty stressful day yesterday. The stress followed me as I rushed out of the office and as I (barely) made it to class on time.

T was running late as well. I suggested going to the class an hour later but he was pretty keen on attending this one. So I hauled ass and somehow made it on time.

It was a 75 minute class and I wasn’t feeling so hot; so how hot I was feeling in class really really hit me hard. I think I took two breaks in total– which really isn’t bad.

After class T said to me, ” My legs feel springy…” as he hopped down the studio stairs. He was all smiles and I felt 100 times better as well. My mind somehow was still racing but at least my skin, eyeballs and legs felt good.

“I neeeeed a coconut water, I feel so dehydrated,” I said to him as we decided we would out our things in the car and walk over to Big Carrot. T pops the trunk, I throw my mat and bag in and wait for him to unlock the car. That’s when I see it, a long black thing on the ground next to the car. My eyes immediately check to see if it was a piece of T’s car. I barely said, “What is that?” When I noticed his smashed in window. T has standing on his side of the car, oblivious to what I see until I shriek, “OMG you’re windows smashed in!!!” His face drops, I can see the disappointment wash over him as he remembers he left his MacBook Pro and one of a kind Bree briefcase sitting on the seat.

smashed window

You never think this sort of thing will happen to you. In fact, I think most of us have more faith in humanity than that. How many times have I left my bag or purse in the front seat of the car, or left my purse unzipped on the subway, or left my apartment unlocked ? It is really sad that we have to remember to secure ourselves and our belongings in such a ridiculous and time consuming matter.

How nice would it be to live in a world where you can leave your house unlocked, or let your kids wander off without having to worry, Or your simply leave your car safety parked, locked in a green P parking lot? Is that really you much to ask?

… So that is how our yoga experienced played out tonight and that is how yoga kept us calm when we noticed this unfortunate situation.

Xo Candice

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