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By September 20, 2013Lifestyle

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Last week T and I participated in a 6:30 am yoga challenge that we both failed, horribly. We did 3 out of 7 mornings—pathetic! Now, this is not because we lack discipline, or that we cannot keep a commitment; it is that we spend many an evening working on the Edgy Veg Youtube channel, work late, or are up all night watching Breaking Bad and drinking beer. Contrary to what you might think, these are all valid excuses…kind of.

After this failure we each decided it was the other person’s fault that we were not making our classes, and the smack talk started. It was when T said, “I could rule you in yoga! I will crush you like I crush my enemies,” that I said, alright mister tough guy, BRING IT!”

…And here we are today. After a few minutes coming up with rules, and a wonderful contribution to the feud by Moksha Yoga Danforth, we decided ‘14 days, as much yoga as you can do…or else…



Meet Candice:

A yogi for 7 years, she thinks she will blow her competition out of the water. She loves to do yoga in the morning to promote positive energy and balance for the day; enjoys a few glasses of wine after work, and many glasses on the weekend. She is the General Manager of a local business by day, and Vegan Super Hero by night.

Favourite Pose: Headstand (Shirshasana) and Crane (Bahkahsanna)

Super Power: Strength

Must Have Yoga Item/Accessory: Manduka hot yoga towel

Favourite Swear Word: Bollocks!

candice hutchings

Meet T:

Hi!  I’m T, a hockey and tennis playing mountain biker and snowboarder with no interest in Yoga, but a passion for winning yoga challenges.  While the Edgy Veg is more flexible (and vegan) than I… my tenacious resolve (and brinksmanship) will prevail!

Favourite Pose:  Blue Steel

Super Power:  Super Human Stamina
Must have Yoga Item/accessory:  Bed of Nails
Favourite Curse word:  Namaste


BRAGGING RIGHTS!!! <— Of course. The winner will also have dinner bought for them by the loser. The winner will also be allowed to request one service or task from the loser that they MUST perform with enthusiasm and excitement.


  1. Begins Monday Sept 23rd…
  2. Each contestant will write 1- $100 cheque to a horrible organization that would they never EVER give money to. You must accumulate AT LEAST 21 points or your cheque gets mailed…
  3. After, NOT before, your class, you must take a picture of yourself at the studio and send it to the other participant. The more creative the better.
  4. You must “check-in” to Moksha Yoga Danforth on YELP on arrival.
  5. You must attend and participate in the yoga class. You cannot simply step into the studio and “check in” on YELP.
  6. You may not injure the other participant physically. Mental injury is fine, but that is all.
  7. You can miss a class at Moksha Yoga Danforth and attend a last minute class at another studio, but you must provide a picture and receipt from the studio you attended. (YELP “check-in” is not valid).
  8. At home practice does not qualify you for any points. Especially at-home 30 minute Savasana.
  9. You may not cheat. But you may use methods of tear-free sabotage.


3 points per class attended at Moksha Yoga Danforth

2 points per class attended at another studio


  1. .5 point for smack-talk (can only use 3 times).
  2. 1 point for a picture of yourself doing a yoga pose somewhere “weird”(can only be used once).
  3. 1 point if you have a fresh juice after class.
  4. 1 point for social media sharing of class experience or picture
  5. 2 points if you bring a friend to class
  6. 2 points for attending a 6:30 am or earlier class
  7. 3 points if you do 2 classes in a day
  8. 3 points if you become the “Duke” or “Duchess” of Moksha Yoga Danforth
  9. 5 points if you do three classes in one day
  10. 10 points for epic sabotage

moksha yoga danforth schedule

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