Staying Cool in Your Shitty Apartment

By July 19, 2013Lifestyle

It’s bloody-effing hot; you don’t need me to tell you that. You already have sweat dripping down your cleav and butt crack. When choosing an apartment I was ever so wise and diligent when it came to the price of rent, and less than prepared in the air conditioning department of this chosen apartment. The short of the long of it, is that I do not own an air-conditioner and it is 42 degrees outside.

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There are a couple ways to cope with this…

  1. Get close with a friend that DOES have AIRCON and crash their condo.
  2. Find a neighbour with a sprinkler and frolic in the cool streams of water until chased off the property with a broom.
  3. Drink water until it begins to pour out of your ears.
  4. Meditate until you reach a state of total body numbness.
  5. Fill your bathtub with ice cold water, invite a friend over, buy a beach ball, and go tub swimming!

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Some cooling Raw Food

These are great ways to cool down, especially if you are a fan of adventure and like to tweet your every move. But let’s check these out as well:

  1. Invest many ice packs and hold them on the inside of your wrists and back of your neck. Once the ice pack melts, swap out with a cold one. I like to tie one around my wrist with a bandanna. It cools the blood, which in turn cools down the whole body!
  2. Turn off the lights. Light bulbs omit heat, and lots of it. Either get cooler bulbs or turn off all your lights!
  3. Take a cold shower. This will cool down your whole body, and is a great way to detox!
  4. Eat raw food. Raw food is full of water; this means that eating lots of raw foods will not only keep you hydrated, but will also keep your body cool!
  5. Cover your windows. Keep the heat outside by getting nice thick curtains and blocking out all the sunshine. Open the windows at night to air out your place, but make sure you close them up again before the sun comes out!
  6. Watch This video…
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  8. Take your clothes off. Let’s face it, clothes suck in the heat. When you get home, place you bags on the floor, take off your shoes and strip down — right there at the door. If you have some weird aversion to being naked, keep your undies on. Now that your skin can breathe, you will feel at LEAST 50% cooler; I promise. Remain naked until you leave your apartment again.
  9. Eat lots of popsicles- DUH
  10. Go outside. It is summer, go do summer things. You will feel cooler doing summer things in the heat, as opposed to doing normal things in the heat– like sleeping.
  11. Get cotton sheets. They breathe, they’re light, and they absorb sweat.

I will be spending every waking moment at the beach for the next few days. What will you be doing?!

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