Coming off my Juice Cleanse Detox

By July 17, 2013Lifestyle

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The first supper!

HELLO WORLD OF FOOD! It’s been a while. I won’t lie, I am very nervous to be part of you again…

Today I am allowed to eat, so why am I putting it off? I woke up this morning and drank my usual liter of water and sat on T’s balcony. I then made myself a fresh green juice for breakfast. I could have made a smoothie, but I think I am so used to juice at this point that I would rather do that. I already miss my Cleanse. Juicing at home can be such a pain. Back to life, back to reality…

For lunch I have a green smoothie (shocker). Spinach, almond milk, parsley, chlorophyll, cacao, gotu kola, maca and coconut sugar. After drinking a quarter of it and watching my stomach expand, I realize that probably should have started with something simpler, maybe berries and water… whoops. My stomach hurts. I don’t like eating normal food again. Can I do another Cleanse?

 raw pasta

After I pace myself with my smoothie, I drink water for the rest of the day. Beside my being too hard on myself about my bloated tummy I feel really good. I am receiving so many compliments about how fantastic I look, and honestly it feels good. I am going to be modest, but I am embracing the compliments with a high head– I deserve it, I haven’t eaten in 5 days after all…

 green smoothie

T is really excited to have me eating again. I think it’s because I can go back to cooking. I didn’t refuse to cook simply to be mean; I did it more for my own sanity. For dinner I make him some vegan tacos, but stick to raw myself. I made myself a HUGE bowl of zucchini and carrot pasta with like a dozen assorted mixed veggies a light sauce. After I made myself the meal, I stared at it for a while… I am really being weird about this whole “eating” thing. I get over my fear of eating and just dig in, chewing each forkful for what feels like 5 minutes. I am never going to get through this salad like this… It takes me about an hour to finish it and I feel really full, like really, really, REALLY full. My stomach has definitely shrunk. I wait 30 minutes and down a huge glass of water, and do some work.

After today I realized that going back to eating might tougher than I thought. I will really be watching my meals and will be sure to continue drinking tons of water. This heat is the perfect time to dabble in raw food… try it out!

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