Juice Cleanse Detox Day 5

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The last cashew mylk…


Wow! I cannot believe that I am here! Well, I can, but you know what I mean. Day 5, the final day of juicing. The final lap to the finish line. I jumped out of bed today, the sun was shining, and I was in the best mood I have been in a really long time. After nearly giving T a heart attack, while also almost stepping on his arm pit, I waltzed into the kitchen and downed my 1L jar of lemon water and stood on the balcony for 15 minutes, just observing. I like today.

Part of me wants to keep going, while the other half cannot wait to eat something and start cooking again. I’m at war with myself on this one. I can start eating tomorrow, so I will simply enjoy today.

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Greetings from the sauna!

My observations for the week:

I receive so many compliments! I won’t lie, my skin looks incredible. It is so smooth and clear, and glowing. I haven’t had skin like this since… well, the last time I did a Cleanse. Look Ma, no zits!! I feel beautiful and sexy when I look in the mirror, which makes me feel good.

I lost weight. Okay, so losing weight was NOT my goal. But, stress has been harsh on my body and I have not found time to work out, do yoga or take care of myself in general. I started the Cleanse at 130lbs and am now at 122lbs. This is great for me! Now, with some regular working out, I can begin to look like I did 2 years ago before my life turned into a bottomless pit of to-do’s and no sleep. My belly is so flat that I just touch it all day long… I know, that’s weird, ok?

My eyes are bright. Okay, so I was talking to a friend of mine who is also on a cleanse and asked him if his eyesight improved or if I was losing my mind. He agreed; he saw a brighter world as well! I cannot explain it, but when you are on a juice cleanse it is almost as though your eyeballs are letting in more light, therefore making the world seem brighter and more vibrant. Not only are they letting in more light, but the whites of my eyes are pure white, and my blue eyes have never looked this blue before. If that is not a sign of health, I don’t know what it!

Stable, consistent energy. I really don’t know how else I can elaborate on this, my energy is good. It is not out of this world high, but is the perfect speed, exactly what I need. There are no dips, no highs and lows and I have it when I wake up in the morning, until I go to sleep!

Less stress. It is amazing how I am coping with stress these days. A little over a month ago, I ended up in the hospital due to stress, and here I am now dealing with whatever is thrown at me with a calm mind. I think this is the biggest take away from this whole experience is how efficient I am in any high pressure situation. It is fantastic!


Hellooooo World!

Free time. Do you have any idea how much free time when you have when you do not have to think about eating, or where your next meal is coming from?! You don’t have to spend time making lunch the night before, or breakfast or cooking! It is amazing! My mind is free from the clutter of thinking about food all day long!

Bye bye chocolate. Now, I don’t know how long it will last but I am not dying of chocolate cravings anymore. This is liberating feeling. I was on a chocolate hunt around 7pm daily until I got my fix. This addiction is OVAAAAAA! …at least this week.

Deep sleeps. Cleanse sleeps are the best sleeps! Not only do I find myself going to bed as soon as my body asks for it, but I sleep like a baby! I sleep right through the night, and the REMs are deep and filled with vibrant dreams. I wake up feeling rested and calm, and inspired. I’ve missed this.

Great Sex. Okay so I didn’t need any help in this department, but cleanse sex is the best sex. I don’t know if it is the shift in positive energy, the calm mind and body, or the elevated self-esteem; but whatever it is– I’ll keep it! That is all the details that will be given on this particular topic today.


How I feel about completing my Cleanse

All in all a wonderful experience! I feel fantastic about my decision to do this Cleanse again, and would recommend it to anyone! It is so important to do something great for your body. There is just too much crap out there, and it gets in your precious temple no matter how “good” you are. I like to do a Cleanse every winter and every summer to clean out the cob webs and get back on track. I suggest everyone consider doing this!

That’s all for now! xo


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  • Jodi says:

    I’m actually on a juice fast right now (tomorrow is day 4). I was hoping to see more details about what juices and the quantities. You did give me a good idea about adding nut milk though – thanks.
    I enjoy your posts.

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