Juice Cleanse Detox Day 3

By July 14, 2013Lifestyle

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Despite being up all night, I wake up at 8am with no trouble at all. I shoot out of bed really excited about heading back to the beach today! T is not as excited– probably because he is not on Cleanse. hehe. I decide to grab my liter of lemon water and lay in bed for another 2 hours, waiting for him to wake up. It is Saturday after all, so folks are allowed to sleep in.

I pass on my usual Saturday coffee and vegan muffin and sip my juice while T enjoys his cappuccino. Beach time– with juices in hand. My irritability has gone down from a level 9 to a level 3 — which is a good thing, for everyone. I sleep for most of the day and read a bit. I am not hungry at all today; I can’t decide if that is the Cleanse, or the heat. It’s taking me a while to finish my juices today. The cashew milk is especially creamy and sweet today; I think my tongue might be generating new taste buds. Oh what a world of difference that will make. I did not drink enough water today.

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No headaches today, but really tired. Again, that could be from the sun. Even though I was sleeping all day, I feel like I can’t wait for bed. I finish all my juices but one and give it to T– he enjoys them as much as I do. My mind is a lot clearer and calmer today despite being so tired.  Before bed I weigh myself and find that I am sitting at 122Lbs. This is SHOCKING. I started the Cleanse at 130lbs, and didn’t think I needed to lose much. I am shocked, but not upset, obviously. I guess we will see where I am at when I finish this thing.

Your tongue is one of the many ways your body rids itself of toxins. These toxins cause mucous and bacteria to build up on the tongue and create a white film. Gross right?  But not only is it gross; this film inhibits the functioning of your taste buds. When you’re doing a Cleanse, you get a lot of this white stuff so I’ve been gently scraping my tongue daily as well. I will spare you the gross details.

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