Juice Cleanse Detox Day 2

By July 13, 2013Lifestyle

Lemon water

What a great sleep! I woke up bright and early ready to face the day, and of course my juices. I filled two bottles with water and cut up some lemons. The sun is shining, so I decide to enjoy them on my balcony. I am told to “chug” my first liter of water, but on a day so peaceful it seems almost blasphemous– I do it anyway.

Perfect beach weather. The juices are a tad hard to transport so I find myself frustrated with the various attempts for transportation. I end up settling with my first three juices in my beach bag and the second half in a mini cooler left in the car with an ice pack. I don’t like the idea of not having a back juice in case we stay late and I get hungry, but so far I have had great willpower.

candice hutchings

Juicing at the beach really wasn’t so hard, in fact they stayed cool (ish) in the shade and even tasted great at room(beach) temperature. The cashew mylk really saved me today; I wish I had 3 of them. Can I do an only cashew mylk cleanse? ๐Ÿ˜‰ They day is easy; we mostly lie on the beach without any food around and plenty of water. I am used to not eating during the day so the days are easy. It is when T decides to eat that I get frustrated, and of course, grumpy. I hate how I am when I want to eat, at least I am consuming something… you should see me when I haven’t eaten ANYTHING, it is scary to say the least.

belmonte raw cashew milk

After the beach I sit in the sauna for 30 minutes. Sweating is a great way to help your body along with the ridding of toxins, plus it is relaxing– so that is a bonus. I am starting to feel good about this, day two is almost over and I am starting to feel less deprived and more grateful.

The evening is hard. T bought us two tickets to a 420 friendly underground comedy show at midnight, with dinner to start. Dinner… dinner… wine bar… wine. I try not to think about these parts of the evening as we drive to Skin & Bones for our pre show meal and drinks. I shyly bring in my bottle of carrot juice, almost embarrassed. T asks the hostess if it is okay that I have brought my juice in as my meal, and explains that I am on a cleanse. Again, embarrassed. She laughs and agrees and shows us to our table, and removes the silverware, plate and brings me a glass for my juice. Kind of her, but I could tell by the looks I was getting, that this is not yet normal.

the edgy veg

Me in the sauna. Woo hoo!

I sit there as our party of 6 laughs at my expense. I don’t really care, the food is very meat-centric, but the wine list looks divine. Oh how I could kill for just one aromatic glass of red. But I stick to my guns and T’s disapproving looks every time I grab his glass to smell it. Somehow I make it through dinner and through the comedy show drinking water and juice as everyone indulges in cookies and beer. Quickly my energy drops, and I am ready for bed. Is it 2:30 yet? Can we go home? I am way less fun on this thing. Does that mean that my personality is fueled by libations? Let’s hope not.

I flop into bed after drinking another liter of water and wait for tomorrow… Good Night My Darlings ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • Nicole says:

    What kind of juices? Home-made or purchased…? Dying to do one but I don’t trust any I’ve seen on websites.

  • jennywheeler says:

    Hey, thanks for posting your cleanse on your blog! How many days are you doing?? I’ve cleansed in the past and am very interested in the Belmonte cleanses. They make great lunches! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on your progress! Good luck!

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