Juice Cleanse Detox Day One

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I was very excited to wake up today. After two days of Pre Cleansing and a wicked headache last night, I was ready for the intense journey I am about to go on. Today is day one of my Juice Cleanse.  My Cleanse is delivered very early every morning, as I wake up at 5 am daily. The driver drops off my Cleanse with a smile and I peak inside, 7 bottles of freshly juiced organic produce, all for me… and guess what? They are all in GLASS bottles! I squeal inside with excitement.


I start my day with a full liter of room temperature lemon water. This makes intimate things happen to me that I will no dwell on during this post…Thirty minutes after my water I have my first juice. A bright orange carrot based juice, which is so perfectly sweet and spicy, that I begin to get even more excited about my week ahead. I drink it, and head to work.

 master cleanse

I take out my printed menu from my Cleansing bag and schedule in alarms for every 2.5 hours when it is time to enjoy another delicious juice. I want to do this right.


I am very productive today, all of my assignments and daily tasks are getting done with ease, despite my constant interruptions, and the stress I usually feel is a bit lessened. It is amazing how one thing can change your whole though process, or the way you look at things. The juices and water are flowing, and I am constantly running to the bathroom. I swear I have never peed so much in my entire life. At least I am getting my exercise.


The day goes by fast, and I am feeling satiated. I am very full and cannot even imagine drinking another drop of liquids. I stare at my last two bottles and wonder if I can push them off until tomorrow. Maybe I drank too much water. I wander home with my last two bottles and unlock the door to my small apartment. I stand in the doorway and begin to wonder now what? I am a woman of habit and routine, and this is the time I fix myself a loaded salad for dinner with a glass of wine and watch Mad Men for an hour. Maybe I need a new routine.


I fetch my bottle marked with a 6 and sit down in front of my TV, and watch my program, sipping the juice through my tall glass straw. It is dinner after all, I sip slowly to make it last longer. It is relaxing, but I feel very strange sitting here watching TV without eating… I feel as though I am slacking off, wasting time with television instead of working on something productive. Funny how that happens, I justify watching TV because I am eating dinner, and now that this element was taken away, I feel guilt… hmmm something to think about.

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I am very full but suffering from a craving for my daily chocolate. I want it so bad; I am not sure if it is the caffeine of the dark cacao that is calling me for the bitter sweet, crunchy taste between my teeth. Oh no, here comes a headache. Okay, between the cravings and the headache, I think it is time for a nap. I lie down and doze off for 2 hours, a deep, deep, sleep.

A deep sleep with colourful dreams. I wake up to T calling me, I am grumpy– naturally as I have not yet had my piece of beloved chocolate. I bite his head off about something stupid, and then apologize. He comes over; I give him my last juice of the day to drink and begin to type this blog, as i sip on my last glass of lemon water for the day.

 candice hutchings

I think tomorrow will be more difficult. Wish me luck! xo

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