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Arrested Development

If you know me, you three things to be true: I have chocolate in some form everyday, I consume an average of 3 bottles of wine between Monday and Friday, and I think Arrested Development is the smartest, funniest show in the whole wide world!

While brainstorming one night after finding out that in 6 months I would be able to watch new Arrested Development episodes, online, marathon style; I casually mentioned to T, ” We should do a video homage to Arrested Development… it would be fun!” Any normal human being would respond with ” Why,” or ” That’s the dumbest idea ever…” But luckily T is as nuts as I am.

We hummed and haa’d about the copyright issues and how we could do our own fun, vegan spin on the opening sequence. Luckily for us we have a very talent network of people that we work with and hang out with on a regular basis.  Specifically T’s friend Jho, who is a master on the ukulele and various other instruments. He took on our challenge of recreating the opening song, with a twist in his home-studio. I am still amazed that we have a song so similar, yet different and that this track was written, recorded, with all instruments put together in almost 24 hours! Thanks Jho, you’re amazing!  That song kicks ass!

The editing was the difficult part. It took about 25 hours to edit 25 seconds. I wish I could say it was all me, but it wasn’t, not even a little bit. The editor over at Still Current Studios gets all the credit on this one. I just had to show up for my shoot, and send over pictures. I wasn’t even allowed to see the video until it was done! I fought and fought to see even the first 4 seconds, but they just weren’t having it. I gave up and watched the real Arrested Development instead. Are YOU watching the new season on Netflix?!

Here is the completed Arrested Development project!

I have a new found respect for editing cartoon-y style videos. I cannot even imagine the amount of work put into Photoshop and then into each frame to get this video as close to the original as possible. Even the voice over was done by someone who is quite talented in impersonations.

This project took a lot of people to complete, but it made a dream of mine come true. I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life and for their continued generosity. I would like to take credit on this one, but honestly I did almost nothing to make this happen, except voice an idea I thought was ridiculous at the time.

And in case you aren’t familiar, here is the original

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