How To Save Leftover Wine (With Video)

what to do with leftover wine


Leftover wine is almost always a sin, but it happens to the best of us.  You’re drinking alone and reading when BAM! you notice you’ve almost killed the whole bottle. Instead of finishing it ( …like you should), you tell yourself that the mature adult in you would stop now to maintain a high level of dignity. “I did not drink a whole bottle ALONE. No, I merely had a small taste”.


leftover wine


The issue is, that red wine won’t stay good for long. So what can do you do with those wine scraps? The few drops at the end of the bottle that you just cannot consume before acidity kicks in? Freeze em, seriously. Pour the rest into ice cubes trays and Voila! You have red wine handy for your next recipe. Use it in stews, sauces and even as ice cubes in sangria! Once your tray is full or frozen, simply move the cubes to a zip lock and make room for more leftover wine!

Say no to wine waste and freeze your cubes instead!


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