vegan ice cream bowl

The sunshine is out, the heat is up and spring is here! It’s time to start thinking about your favorite summer recipes! When I think summer I almost always think ice cream, it’s a given. That cold, velvety smooth, creamy treat running down the side of your hand. Yummy. As a vegan I haven’t given up on ice cream. Nope.


I have my store bought favorites like Luna and Larrys Coconut Bliss and So Delicious, but I also make my own ( Peanut Butter Ice cream, Raw Ice cream). Now I am merely a kid living in a grown woman’s body, so after a while I started to miss having my ice cream in a cone. But not really, I hated cones as a kid and really liked eating my ice cream in a bowl instead. I am slow at eating ( you know, savoring every bite) so I always ended up with ice cream all down my dress.

So I thought to myself, “ice cream cone bowl, that could be cool…” but then thought to myself, ” Cookie ice cream bowl! YES!” and magic was born.


It’s idiot-proof, really. Just use your favorite vegan chocolate chip cookie dough recipe, and make some dough.

Flip over a muffin or cupcake tin and grease it up with some coconut oil or earth balance.


ice cream bowl recipe



Then simply smoosh the cookie dough onto the muffin in around the raised surface ( where the muffin would normally go). Bake for a few minutes, and set aside to cool.


Once your bowl is cooled, scoop in your favorite ice cream and enjoy! You can eat the bowl after your ice cream or use it to help you eat your ice cream!


vegan ice cream bowl


What is your favorite summer treat?

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