Home Brew – Bottling Mead at The Honey House

Bottling mead


I spent my evening bottling mead with my father. What is mead you ask? Mead or “Honey wine” is an alcoholic beverage with many dimensions. Depending on the recipe, or traditions practiced this alcohol maybe anywhere between 8% and 18% and may be still, sparkling , sweet, dry or semi-sweet.

Mead is known as the first type of fermented drink, or ancestor to all alcohol. The vikings and danish drank it heavily, and it has played an important role in many mythologies, beliefs and traditions.

Candice hutchings

My father has been making this delicious drink for years. I remember bottling my first few bottles when I was a teenager and I split it all over the kitchen floor. I can grown quite fond of the chemistry involved and I think that may be why I am so drawn to food and the harmony and energy between different plants, or ingredients.

Candice hutchings

I realize that some of you are looking at this post and wondering why, as a vegan, I am posting about something considered not to be vegan. Well truth is.. I am not technically a VEGAN, I am a BEEGAN— a vegan that uses or consumes honey. I am not one for labels, but most of you are so here I am, labeling myself once again. I believe in the power of bees and their honey. I have had many health issues in the past that were healed by it’s natural occurring antibiotics and I will continue to use it to keep my body strong. I am open to all opinions, and this just happens to be mine 🙂

bottling mead


My father is a bee farmer and so I have always loved the science behind the bee and it’s honey. It has been used for years to celebrate and to heal. But using it to create such a delicious drink is one of my favorite uses by far! I love to make my own beer and various liquors ( some are lovely, but they often fail). I hope to make a few different types of homemade beer this summer, then I am able to ensure that I will be drinking beer that I can feel good about!


What adventure will you be tackling this summer?

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