How To Stay Vegan and Green on St. Patricks Day

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Green Beer

Green beer isnt an Irish tradition, no the Irish would never defile their beer with green dye. In fact most Irish drink Guinness and that simply wouldn’t work. The dying of the beer is an american tradition. This idea of drinking green beer matches the cartoon Leprechauns and green feather boas you will see most American wearing today.

But what if you are against artificial green dyes and prefer the natural way of colouring food items. Well my friends. If you are vegan and worried about the amount of green dye you will ingest today, I have a very simple and healthy alternative for you!

vegan green beer

CHLOROPHYL! Go to the health food store purchase a small vial, and a bottle of chlorophyl. Then fill the vial with some chlorophyll and put it in your bag or purse. when you are out with your pals ask for normal ( not green beer) and add a few drops of this stuff to make your beer green! It’s that easy! Your poop will still be green, but not from harsh chemicals, nope, it will be green from all natural plant life! Cheers!


Vegan Irish Coffee

It’s 8 am and you are getting ready to head over to your tradition St Pats kegger, or morning “Beer n’ Brunch”. It’s early, you’re tired and you think to yourself, I’ll need a coffee for the road! Or let’s get ahead of ourselves a bit, It’s 9pm. You have been out drinking all day and you’re starting to feel the effects of the possibly 12 beers you had. You need a pick me up and FAST!

In either of these situations the obvious choice is to get yourself an Irish Coffee and STAT! Irish coffee is delicious and it is even more delicious when it’s vegan! Try my easy Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe below! Great for St. Patricks Day, or any other day of the year!

vegan irish coffee

1 1/2 oz Irish whiskey (Jameson is vegan)

tablespoon raw sugar

cup brewed organic fair-trade coffee

tablespoon coconut whipping cream

Pour whiskey into a mug. Stir in brown sugar. Add coffee; stir until sugar is dissolved. With a spoon, carefully dollop whipped cream so it will float on the surface of the coffee. Feel free to add a drop or two of chlorophyl to the cream for green colour!


Don’t Drink?

That’s cool! someones got to drive!!!! Just kidding! Kinda, not really.

Some of us are responsible, and are able to go out and have a good time without drinking. And by us, I do not include myself in that statement, at all.

You don’t have to drink to have fun, but you can still have a fun drink. Drink Green Kombucha! YUP! There are many different flavours of Kombucha out there, and some even come with chlorophyl making it.. wait for it… GREEN! Can’t find this magic green drink? Thats okay, grabb your favourite flavour and just add some chlorophyl to the mix. Or mix it with your favourite fruit or vegetables juice! (recipe here)


green kombucha


It’s bubbly like beer or champagne so you still feel like you are participating! Plus it is great for your digestive system, leaving you to make up clean and refreshed from the inside out. WARNING: your poop may still be green just like everyone else’s….


Vegan Beer Pancakes

Beer pancakes are a St Patricks Day tradition for those of you who attend early morning keggers and day drinking parties. What better way to start off a day of binge drinking than a nice full belly of high carb cakes. You know this vegan beer pancakes recipe will be a hit because everyone loves pancakes! Any they will love even if they are vegan, just don’t tell them that they are! 😉 We aren’t just adding beer to our pancakes because we are lushes and need it in EVERYTHING, the carbonation in beer makes for extra fluffy pancakes! See, science is cool!


vegan beer pancakes


2 cups unbleached flour
2 tablespoons raw sugar or agave
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon pink rock salt
12-ounce can of beer (mild lagers are best, check for vegan beers here
1/4 cup coconut oil

Place dry ingredients in a medium-size bowl; mix in beer and oil. Lightly grease a skillet  and heat over medium flame. To make one pancake, spoon three tablespoons of batter onto skillet; cook two to three minutes per side until browned. Add a couple dropped of chlorophyl for colour if you want!


From My kitchen to yours, HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!!!

vegan st patricks day

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