How to Wrap Collard Wraps (VIDEO)

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how to wrap collard greens

I am obsessed with greens. Green in my smoothies, greens in my juice, and now greens as a wrap!

Collards are a dark leafy green high in nutrients, vitamins and iron! However, they can be slightly bitter to those not used to consuming a high amount of greens. Wrapping your favourite fillings with a collard is a great way to eat more greens, and cut down on those processed, gluten and sugar laden tortilla wraps! Why eat that thing that has no flavour anyway? EMPTY CARBS BE GONE!

Because this takes some practice I decided, why not share my super simple techniques for wrapping up my Vegan Breakfast Burrito!

Watch my video tutorial below, or follow these step by step instructions!



Choose a flat, even, medium sized leaf  to work with.


Flip the leaf over so that the side with the prominent spine is facing up. Using a knife, start to shave off the spine, starting near the bottom. Be careful not to cut through the leaf or else you will end up with food all over your top!


Place your sauce (like hummus or vegan mayo etc) in the middle. This will act like a glut to hold veggies inside the wrap. Make sure that you are filling it on the side closest to you.


Now push it all towards you and fold the end on your left in. Roll and push the filling tighter and tighter. Cut the end, and VOILA! Serve immediatly, or wrap in saran wrap for a quick and nutritious homemade lunch!

Raw, vegan wrap! Salad wrapped in salad… you know you’re fabulous.

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