Love, Sex and Veggies

By February 12, 2013Lifestyle

Some foods have a direct impact on your sex life. Affecting your brain chemistry, hormones and blood flow; certain foods can really turn up the fire and unleash your inner sex-kitten. Most foods celebrated as aphrodisiacs in history have a very high nutritional makeup; rich in vitamins and nutrients essential to a healthy libido. Most “love foods” also increase or promote high energy levels essential for that all night pas de deux.

So what are these magical foods? Hold on to your tooshies and keep an eye on your sexy regions, this is going to blow your mind.

Cacao- This is the god of sexy food. When you eat cacao you release dopamine to the pleasure centers of your brain and create a feeling of excitement. It’s no coincidence that chocolate sales go up for Valentines day… hehe

Bananas– Not only does the shape evoke dirty thoughts, but bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B and bromelian.  Both vitamins are necessary for hormone production, and bromelian enhances the male libido. Oww Oww

Asparagus– Long, hard and a head full of character; this vegetable is capable of stirring up lust and passion. How? Well asparagus boosts histamine production which is an essential pleasure component for both sexes.

Chile Peppers– Spicy foods are  believed to trigger the release of endorphins, the chemical that gives us a natural high. Hawt. This pepper also stimulates our nerve endings.

Carrots– In ancient times carrots were used by middle eastern royalty to aid seduction.

Honey– Honey was used in Egyptian times as medicines and a cure for sterility and impotence. Seducers would provide their partners with mead (a fermented honey liquor), also known as the honeymoon drink.

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