Vegan Turkey Dinner with Seitan! (Video)


Just in time for the holidays… seitan? We’re talking about wheat meat here… not about Beelzebub ๐Ÿ™‚ Because Turkeys are cute, and have funny feet, and they wobble and gobble!!!! Say it with me ” Turkeys are friends, NOT food…”

The secret ingredients:

– vital wheat gluten
– garbanzo bean flour

Also known as:
Wheat meat (I like that one), Mock Duck, gluten meat, or just plain gluten. It is a food made from the gluten of wheat, duh…

When you try it, you’ll notice that Seitan is quite chewy, more like meat. You know Tempeh? Well tempeh can also be used to create mock meat, but the difference I find is that Tempeh is dryer than seitan, so seitan is good in dishes requiring more density such as mock turkey, beef and gravies.

What about the calories in this vegan recipe? according to a calorie counting website seitan has less calories than tempeh, but also less fibre. So pick your battles people…

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family does! Happy Holidays!

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