The Hangover Cure: Liver Boosting Hemp Mylk


This mylk is the perfect meal substitute when you can’t handle the idea of eating. Filled with the many healing, detoxifying aspects of Milk thistle and Sacha Jergon to help cleanse your liver of the poor judgement you forced onto it the night before. The hemp seeds and salt provide you with protein and well as minerals to replace the ones you lost during your boozy adventures.


3 cups pure water

1/2 cup raw hemp seeds

3 pitted dates

1 vanilla bean

2 tbsp milk thistle seeds, ground in a coffee grinder or Magic Bullet

2 tbsp Sun Warrior Protein Powder

1/2  tbsp Sacha Jergon powder

1 tsp cinnmon

Pinch of Himalayan rock  salt


Blend until smooth. Then strain using a nut mylk bag or a mesh strainer.

The pulp can be used in granola or protein bars. No waste Friends.


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