I’m Taking a Trip In My Mind: The Poor Mans Vacation

By September 30, 2012Lifestyle

If you were to ask me what my deepest desire is. I would tell you that I want to see the world.

Before I could walk I was travelling in an airplane. This happens when you’re an Army Brat of sorts. As a curious child I grew up to become a curious adult. I would watch movies and read books about faraway places and decide at a very early age that these were the places I would see before I died. I wanted to know what the people were like in the places I dreamt about. I wanted to know what they ate, how they celebrated, what they did for fun. I wanted to learn their traditional music, songs and stories.  I have a been carrying this list with me from apartment to apartment and city to city.  Marking off each magical place as I take it in.  

Like most entrepreneurs or working folk, a vacation can sometimes be on the top of the list of desires, but in the back of our minds in terms of priorities. We are too busy to go away and relax, we have bills to pay, and often find ourselves caught up in a world of iphones and networking.  This is where I am at in my life now, financially, I’m fucked. I just left my job without really thinking about it, to pursue my dream. Time, technically I have tons, but realistically I have a career to nurture… long story short.. I am not going anywhere anytime soon.


So what do I do to feed this obsessive need to travel? I take mini vacations and create an experience out of what I have in my own backyard…I have lived in Toronto for almost 3 years now. I leave my apartment to go to 5 main places. Work, the grocery store, the health food store, my favourite bar, and the yoga studio. That is about all I have time for in a  week. Looking at this list, sure I go places… but I have stopped exploring my own city!

After an evening of listening to french accordion, drinking wine and whining about how long it has been since my last trip to europe, my man asked me if I wanted to go do work in The Distillery District instead of at the office. Not knowing what it was I said sure without thinking too much about it and went to bed. Little did I know I had a mini Europe down the street from my flat! The atmosphere was divine, the coffee fantastic. My brain went from Canada ti Europe immediately and I pretended I was walking the streets of France. We had shots of mayan chocolate at the chocolatiers, and admired art walking hand in hand as though we were tourists. It really got me to thinking about how little I explore my own surroundings. Here I was, visiting France with nothing other than my imagination and a few older looking buildings. I created my own happiness by doing what children do every day.. PRETEND! Why do we give up this form of play as we age? Just be and do who and what you want! why not?

Happiness is a choice, you can whine about the vacations you are not taking, or go explore. You can complain about the money you are not making, or be grateful for what you have.

So I challenge you all to go explore something new, find out what has been hiding in your backyard all along. Take a weekend away my renting a friends cottage or stay in a hotel downtown. Just because your wallet is on a budget, doesn’t mean your experiences have to be. You are in control of creating your own experiences. Life does not just hand them over.



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