This One’s For The Carnivores – How to cut back on your meat consumption

By August 30, 2012Kitchen How To, Lifestyle

Treat meat as a condiment

Let beans, veggies and grains be the main focus for your meal and use meat to flavour the dish instead of having it as the main attraction. It could be as easy to doubling up on the vegetables in your chili, or topping your salad with a couple strips of chicken or bacon. Meat would be a side dish not the main focus.  1 steak used to feed a family of 4.

Meat alternatives

Extra-firm tofu is easy to cook and soaks up the flavor of whatever you cook it with. This is true for many meat alternatives like seitan, and tempeh as well. These items will keep you fuller, longer and will satisfy that meaty craving. Try making two days a week meat free and see what happens!

Get familiar with Umami

Umami, or the “fifth flavor,” is the meaty flavor you get from certain foods that aren’t meat. An example of this is sautéed mushrooms or roasted tomatoes. These types of full flavour foods add the texture and bold taste that carnivores usually crave from meats. Try using caramelized onions or eggplant, and miso in recipes to add a heartiness and kick.

Take a cooking class

Trying a new way of eating, or a lifestyle change can be scary. This is why I always recommend taking some sort of class! A vegan, vegetarian or raw food class will open your mind to new, creative and fun ideas when it come to making magic in the kitchen. Ideas you never may have dreamed of, and introducing you to foods and dishes that you never knew existed.

Go vegetarian during the day

Food writer Mark Bittman  came up with the the idea of “vegan til six” in his book, Food Matters. If this is too extreme for you try vegetarian till 6 instead! This will reduce the amount of meat you are eating in the long term, making it friendly on your wallet and the environment.

Get your friends & family on board

A support system is necessary for any drastic changes you are making in your life. Having that person to push you through the day, or scold you as almost give into a craving is a great way to keep yourself, and them, on track. Get a group of friends together and try being vegetarian till 6 for a week and see what happens!

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