Tips for Buying Organic , the Affordable Way

By August 23, 2012Kitchen How To, Lifestyle

I will be the first to admit that paying for organic food can be painful at times. It can be 10- 40 % more expensive than its non organic counterpart. Ouch, that’s tough on the wallet… So here are a few tips for those who want to start buying organic food but have a hard time swallowing the cost.

Eat with the season: Locally grown foods are less expensive than those flown in from another hemisphere.

Support your community and buy local: Buy from your local farmers market! Less expensive and you know exactly where it’s coming from!!

Grow one thing: Pick one thing to grow—you can do it !!!

Buy frozen: Frozen fruits (like raspberries) are cheaper than those that are delivered fresh. So if the prices on fresh produce get you down, head on over to the frozen food aisle.

Embrace the bulk: Food that comes in packaging costs more because of the costs associated with designing those eye catching works of art. When you buy in bulk, you’re paying for the food, which is what you wanted in the first place.

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