Hangover Cure : this one’s a doozy

By August 18, 2012Hangover Cure


Today i will not be sharing any sort of magical, secret remedy. No pill, drink or food. Nope, I’m too hungover, so Instead we will discuss Sleep. Because sleep is exactly what I am doing.

If you are hungover you should save yourself the pain, and others the sight by just staying in bed. Rest is your best friend at this point to give your body a chance to recover. So take advantage of this day.

If you work, call in sick. You sound like shit so they will believe you. And technically you are in fact sick, so it’s not like you’re lying. That’s called cheating the system.

Get up only to pee, drink water, or get yourself a puke bucket. Do everything you can in bed. Eat, drink, watch tv, give yourself a baby wipe shower. Just don’t get up. You have committed yourself, and you my friend are no quitter. Are bed pans still a legitimate means of urine disposal?

If you have a personal butler at your disposal use this to your full advantage today. Have him bring you magical hangover food every two hours until it stays down. If you do not have this luxury, stockpile the right side of your bed with essential hangover food items. I recommend almond butter, dates, cashews, olives, cookies, crackers, pita bread and your favorite dip. Pick at this smorgasbord of finger foods all day. Don’t be ashamed. Can any of your friends brag about their bed Picnic? Nope.

You’re welcome.

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