Is coconut water really that good for you?


So, what’s the deal with coconut water? Coconut water become popular almost overnight. A year ago when I brought my bottle of self extracted Young Thai Coconut water into a social gathering people would call me a hippie and make fun of my choice in beverage. But now everyone’s drinking it… so what is the hype? Is it really THAT good for you? Well this question has a two part answer. Yes it  CAN be good for you and yes it CAN be just another sugary drink. But let’s start with the benefits…

  • Coconut water is packed with simple sugar, electrolytes, and minerals that rehydrate levels in the body. MUCH better than ANY sports drink available. However you still need to be consuming water on a regular basis, as water is the building block of life.
  • It has a higher level of calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc than many fruits– like oranges.
  • It is a very good source of B-complex vitamins.
  • Coconut water contains more potassium than a banana.
  • It helps to break down and eliminate all forms of kidney and bladder stones.
  • Coconut water benefits if taken during feverish conditions reduces fever, it is also known to calm nervous and emotional imbalances.
  • Because of its anti-microbial properties it helps with flushing the liver.
  • It happens to be one of the purest liquids known to man, and can be used during blood transfusions.
  • Coconut water is naturally fat-free and low in calories.
  • Coconut water calms upset stomachs and reduces vomiting.

So if it has all of these wonderful qualities and benefits, than how man coconut water NOT be good for you? Well, when any product begins to become mainstream or popular many other “not so great” brands tend to hop on board with a product that is of lower quality but claims the same things.  So be sure to READ YOUR LABELS and know what you are buying! There are many brands that offer coconut water, but unless we read the label we would never know that it was filled with excess sugars and preservatives, or that the packaging is leeching toxins into the water…

Ideally you want to harvest your own coconut water, by purchasing a coconut from your grocery store, opening it yourself and drinking the water than using the meat. That being said, most people do not know how to open a coconut, and /or do not have a cleaver or machete or the patience to do so. So here are some guidelines to follow.


Always, always ALWAYS purchase juice, waters and sauces in glass bottles. Glass is the safest form of packaging and is also environmentally friendly. If glass is not available to you than choose a TetraPak, then canned, than plastic. Actually, just stay away from plastic all together… and READ YOUR LABEL. Just because it says 100% coconut water does not mean that it doesn’t have additives… be sure to select one that does not come from concentrate.


Keep in mind that all pre packaged coconut water has been pasteurized unless stated otherwise. This helps the water to remain fresher for longer. If your health food store or grocery store do offer frozen coconut water choose this over any other packaged water. Frozen coconut water is unpasteurized and will go bad quicker, but is also more expensive than those found in your grocery store beverage cooler. Many local Juice bars and Raw Food establishments tend to harvest their own water by opening fresh young thai coconuts and bottling the water. If you have access to this DRINK THAT. It will be unpasteurized and raw.


  1. I love the Young Thai Coconut water from my local juice bar Belmonte Raw. They open up the coconuts then bottle its water in glass.
  2. I also LOVE the taste of Nirvana Coconut water bottled in glass with small chunks of coco nut meat floating in it.
  3. When it comes to tetrapaks I like the taste of VitaCoco i find many Tetrapak’s leave a cardboard type taste and this one doesn’t at all.
  4. Blue Monkey is my favorite canned coconut water. It does not leave a tinny can aftertaste that many others do.

I hope this helped your quest for the perfect coconut water!

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