Vegans Guide to Beach Essentials

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Coconut Oil: One of the oldest uses for coconut oil is as a sun screen. Islanders have been using coconut oil for this purpose for thousands of years. To protect themselves from the burning rays of the hot tropical sun they applied a thin layer of coconut oil over their entire body. This would protect them from sunburn, improve skin tone and help keep annoying insects away.

Green Juice:  There is no other way to consume a wide variety of produce like in a green juice! Not only will you remain hydrated, you will also be drinking an influx of vitamins and nutrients! We all know how I like to spend my summer… on a patio, libations in hand. Well this green treat helps shift my body from acidic to alkaline, so I can have my beer and drink it too! Sun is draining, and this green juice is essential in keeping energy levels soaring all day long.

Kale Chips: Ditch the junk and turn to healthy food with a purpose when you back that epic beach cooler. Swap store bought potato chips for Kale chip, and candies for dates. These will keep energy levels soaring so you can play frisbeealll dayyy longgggg.

Water: DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Hydrate, hydrate hydrate, then hydrate some more

Music: What else are you going to wiggle your little bikini clad ass to?

Best Summer music of all time: Laugh if you dare…

Summertime – Billy Stewart

Wipeout – Fat Boys & The Beach Boys

Surfer Girl – The Beach Boys

Summer Nights – John Travolta & Olivia Newton John

Call Me Maybe– Carly Rae Jepsen

Bad Girls- Donna Summer

We Like to Party– The Vengaboys

Give it Away Now – The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The loco Motion – Little Eva

Steal My Sunshine -LEN

Mo Money Mo Probems– Notorious B.I.G.

Hollaback Girl– Gwen Stefani

Don’t Turn Around– Ace of Base

The Flame– Cheap Trick

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