Sweaty Cando Don’t Care

By July 18, 2012Lifestyle

It’s hotter than high noon in death valley. But I’m not complaining! No, we experience 8 months of horrifically cold, snow and slush and ice , and having to wear layer upon layer. I doooo not complain about a little bit on heat. Instead, I prance my sweaty blonde self to anything cold, spraying water. Today that happened to be a sprinkler… in a water park… for small children.

Most parents were shocked to see a full grown woman prancing around amongst the kids I’m sure… But I was hot and there was water, so pooh pooh on their judgmental looks! Who gives a shit what people deem as normal behavior… it’s 36 degrees out!!!! So go, stand under anything with cold running water. Fountain, sprinkler, kiddie pool… get that ass wet.


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