Juice Cleanse Day: 3

By June 21, 2012Lifestyle


Day three was a weird one. I woke up and jumped out of bed, drank my liter of water then fell asleep for another 30 mins. Needless to say I was way behind schedule. The feeling of hunger was far away and so was my desire to drink water or the tea I was given. I filled 4-1 liter containers and randomly placed them around my office, I then set “drink water ” alarms on my phone . This was the way I could guarantee that I would do this thing properly.

When 8pm hit I had two bottles of juice left. My manpanion, who had decided to do a cleanse with me, decided that this was no excuse to not have dinner. So we took our juice to the beach and had a late “juice dinner”. I sipped on my carrot as he drank his green, we conversed and laughed just like anyone else would sharing a meal. At this point I haven’t had any cravings for solid food at all. Did I want to eat? Sure. Did I feel the need to? Absolutely not. And look at all the time I have saved not worrying what or where my next meal was coming from! No time needed to cook, or clean up the mess I made from cooking!

We noticed two main things as we spent the evening playing games, and jammin’ out to the accordion… A lack of alcohol and food is the key to keeping your apartment clean; and this new found boost of energy keeps you up all night! I’m talking full on energy at 1am. If i had my way i would never sleep on this cleanse! Think of all the things I would accomplish! However, I do work like everyone else. so Instead I decided that i absolutely must sleep outdoors, and built a bed on the balcony. Welcome to Urban Camping…

…I wish I could say the juice was responsible for my decision to sleep outside. But that’s just how I roll, forever a child. I wonder what day four will bring…


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