Toasted Amaranth *POP*

By June 10, 2012Vegan Recipes

If you’re not familiar with amaranth, it’s gluten-free and especially high in protein and calcium. Many, as well as myself like to make porridge with amaranth or cook it likea pilaf for a substantial side dish. But did you know that you can toast it and top your cereal, smoothies or granola with it? I know right?!  The teeny tiny grains puff up like mini popcorn. I often make extra and keep it in an air-tight jar to sprinkle on salads or soups throughout the week. Throw it in your homemade trail mix!  A quick high-protein boost, a pretty darn delightful crunch!!



And guess what?! It’s super easy to do.

  • Heat a heavy-bottom saucepan with high edges (the amaranth will jump when they pop much like popcorn) on the stovetop until very hot.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of amaranth and stir continuously until most seeds have puffed up and turned white.
  • Usually about 1/4 of the seeds are resistant to puffing and will turn a light brown color instead — that’s OK. Remove from the stovetop before the seeds burn.

… that’s it, seriously it really is that simple. You’re welcome.

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