The ABC of Hangover Vitamins

By June 9, 2012Hangover Cure


Alcohol makes you piss like a race horse. Not only are you losing fluids but you are also depleting your body of necessary vitamins! ACK! Vitamins will help to get your ass out of bed after a night of partying;  and will also offer a host of other health benefits!!

Vitamin A– Vitamin A helps form and maintain healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and soft tissue, mucus membranes, and skin. You are going to need help with allllll of those if you are staying up until 4am. Carrots pal! CARROTS, drink it in juice, eat a couple stalks, or just take a tbsp of spirulina!

Vitamin B – Bloodshot eyes and an unbalanced nervous system come together with a hangover headache. Vitamin B1 calms nerves while B2 helps with bloodshot eyes among other overall positive effects on your body. No one neeeeds to know how shitty you feel by looking into your eyes.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C will help stimulate the liver, and help it break down the alcohol that is still in your system. Alcohol also depresses the immune system, so consider taking vitamin C to help ward off the cold or flu after drinking.  So drink a glass or orange juice or make a smoothie with acai berries!

Vitamin D – Your nervous system is in shreds during an alcohol hangover, so vitamin D helps soothe shaky nerves. It also helps heal any broken bones you might have sustained from falling down steps when drunk. Trust me… I know.

Simply eat something delicious that contains these vitamins will do the trick of hangover relief nicely. Or Juice… The answer to all questions is freshly juiced fruits and vegetables!

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