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Days off for someone like myself are few and far between. I treat each day off as if it were the last day alive. I wake up early, and do some yoga. This prepares me for the day ahead, it clears my mind of lingering worries and stagnant stresses. It also allows me to enjoy the next 12 hours of worry free adventure. And beer, I drink beer as I meditate… don’t hate.

After an hour of downward dogs and attempted handstands followed by properly executed arm balances I found myself hungry … Now many my regular readers will go ahead and assume that I blended up one of my many random, but delicious smoothies. FALSE!!! on Saturdays I eat cake! ( also yummy in a smoothie btw) yesterday I baked a gluten free vegan chocolate cake for a friend. I had leftover dough….


After my well deserved cake fiesta I visited my stylist at Blonde Salon. I am horrible at maintaining an Elegant coiff so obviously I was reprimanded on arrival. But I made up for it in inappropriate jokes and X rated story time. Personally I believe I should get a “Most inappropriate client” award or something… Just sayin’ …

They were nice enough to let me eat my Belmonte Raw salad on the rooftop


Now I realize this may not be for everyone, but I personally believe that antiquing is not just a sport for the elderly. I have been on a hunt for a 1920s style crystal bar set for quite some time. And so, on my walk from the east side to the west side I just had to stop in every vintage shop I could. No success today… I did find this though… A old school peeping tom pervert machine! AND ITS ALL MINE!!!!!


I have a reputation for cultivating random friendships from all of my experiences, both exciting and not so exciting. One of these encounters was at the Bang On tshirt store on queen. I wandered in to say hello and found @brandon_jftd and his multiple packed lunches. A man after my own heart. I, myself keep a plethora of snacks and meals in my purse at all times. Sweet appetite bro.

and sweet cat shirt.. I want that, give it me right MEOW!!!!!!


No day off would be complete without my daily two hours of blog writing. Today I spent that time on the Tequila Bookworm patio with a pint of Denisons and lush green surroundings. I had the whole place to myself. I was THIS close to taking my pants off… But stopped myself just as the kind server man came to check on me… Next time waiter man, next time.


After 3 hours on the patio alone and blogging all I gots on the brain is TACO TACO TACO TACO TACO TACO TACO… so I’m going to fill that craving now … HAPPY DAY OFF FRIENDS!

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