Vegan Poutine

By May 20, 2012Vegan Recipes


To make this awesomely fantastic recipe you will need to do the following:

  • Make some kick ass Potato Wedges.
  • While those are in the oven start your pot of vegan gravy. Homemade or canned mushroom gravy works really well; Or try my Miso Gravy …Yummers.
  • Once both of those are ready, all you need is Daiya to build an EPIC vegan poutine!!
Seriously, its all in the layering! Wedges, Daiya, Gravy, More Wedges, More Gravy, MOAR DAIYA!
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  • this looks so yummy. I’m so hungry thinking about it! I discovered poutine late in life {!} at a vege/vegan takeaway chain *lord of the fries* in Australia (every country needs this chain!). 🙂

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